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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Pot Dealing

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, economic opportunities present themselves at every turn. For example, you could leave the practice of law to start an import/export business. There’s money to be made, and satisfaction to be had, in taking great goods from one country and bringing them over to a new market. Free trade is a beautiful thing (unless you’re unskilled labor).

But how do you figure out what products to import or export? Today’s lawyer turned importer entered the business after buying the product for herself while on vacation. She checked it out with a friend and was blown away by the quality.

What kind of product are we talking about? Well, she started her legal career working for the U.S. Department of Justice, and now she’s a pot dealer….

Terra cotta pots, that is. Apologies to any of you who were expecting Weeds: The Legal Eagle Edition, or the law world version of Breaking Bad (which has actually already happened).

After serving in the Justice Department, which she entered via the Honors Program, Lenore Rice practiced tax law for several years at a leading New York law firm. She took some time off when she had kids. And then, while on vacation in Italy, she and a friend discovered some amazing terra cotta pottery in the town of Impruneta. She explains what happened next in this interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

So keep your eye out for opportunities when you go on vacation after that big trial ends or deal closes. You never know where and when you might find the inspiration for your next career.

Rice’s business, Seibert & Rice, has been around for almost 20 years. And the Bloomberg interview isn’t its first time in the limelight. It has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and on PBS, as you can see on the company’s website.

Congratulations to Lenore Rice and Mara Seibert on all of their success. Flowers smell sweeter when planted in a beautiful terra cotta pot.

Stealth Lawyer: Lenore Rice, Terra Cotta Importer [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]
Seibert & Rice [official website]

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