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Departure Memo Of The Day: Guy Burns Bridge With Burger King On Way To Law School

Oh, I pity the prospective law student who thinks that getting into law school means that he’ll never have to work at Burger King again.

There’s a departure memo going around the internet today — a kid sent a mean (and mildly racist) memo to his colleagues as he ended his employment relationship with Burger King. The kid is going to law school and feels the confidence to end his resignation letter with: “So, consider our bridges burnt.”

Or “flame broiled,” as it were.

But if all he’s got lined up is law school admission, I hope he’s still on good terms with the people at Wendy’s or something….

The departure memo was posted on Passive Aggressive Notes, though I think there is nothing very “passive” about this message (click to enlarge):

I hate to break it to the guy, but “heading to law school” and “heading to a real job” are two entirely different things. See, in a real job, they pay you. At law school, you pay them. A lot. For three years. And when you graduate, only then do you have the opportunity to get a real job. A job that might not pay a whole lot more than Burger King, given the market.

I’m just saying, going to law school is nowhere near as solid of a business plan as this guy had, who wrote his departure memo in frosting on a cake. And, you’ll note the cake guy didn’t have to be all racist towards people who aren’t native English speakers.

What do you guys think? I know it’s hard to judge without knowing what law school he is going to, but to make it interesting, let’s assume that he’s going to the Burger King of law schools (say, bottom half). Do you think he’s making the right decision to get out of the kitchen and into the library? Let us know in the poll below.

Would this guy be better off going to law school or sticking with Burger King?

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  • Burger King Law (42%, 1,159 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,740

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A whopper of a resignation [Passive Aggressive Notes]

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