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Law Revue Video Contest 2013: The Finalists!

4. UVA School of Law — On A-T-L

ELIE: Bite me. ::lowers collar to half-mast::

LAT: We’re suckers for ATL shout-outs — yes, we plead guilty to vanity — and this whole video is one big ATL shout-out. But it’s also deeply insightful commentary on what it’s like to go to law school in the age of social media. What makes it my personal favorite of all the videos is how darn hilarious it is: I’ve watched it a half-dozen times, and every time it makes me start wheezing from laughter. (Also, props to the UVA kids for having a sense of humor: if you think we treat your law school or law firm unfairly in these pages, spare us the angry emails and make fun of us instead.)

STACI: For the love of God, please pause the video and read the fake ATL posts. This video had all of us laughing our asses off. It took a lot of work to create this audio/visual masterpiece, and I can assure you, the next time we “sh*t on UVA,” it’ll be out of love. Pop your collars with pride, you’ve earned it!

5. Washington University in St. Louis School of Law — This is Law School

ELIE: Considering that the This Is SportsCenter commercials are the greatest on Earth, I was immediately intrigued. I think they got it down pretty good. I wanted more. I think Professor Tamanaha’s next book should be “Stop Ogling My Wife, Start Ogling Your Debt.”

LAT: Amusing vignettes. Hot guys (including an Ashton Kutcher doppelgänger). Excellent professorial appearances. It’s the rare Law Revue video that I actually wish were longer.

STACI: Short, sweet, and very satisfying. And for the record, Professor Tamanaha’s wife is a total fox.

6. West Virginia University College of Law — Law School

ELIE: This is here because the singing is great and the descriptions are good for people who haven’t been to law school. I thought it lacked the “inside baseball” humor of some of the other finalists. If I have to hear Lat wax poetic about this freaking Children of the Corn redhead again, I’m going to lose it.

LAT: Really, really cute (both the video overall and the floppy-haired ginger boy with the awesome voice, Tyler Murray). Sweet, but not annoyingly so. An intriguing combination of melancholy and happiness — a metaphor for law school?

STACI: If you’re thinking about going to law school, you should be forced by admissions officers to listen to this song first. Just think, it’s kind of like a pre-law study aid… Law School in a Nutshell: Drowning in Debt and Dying Inside. Overall, great singing, great rapping, and I was a big fan of the Mordor lyric.

It’s time to vote, everyone. Polls close on WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time). Feel free to get out the vote among your friends and family (but please, no bots). Good luck to all the finalists!

Which is the best Law Revue video?

  • West Virginia University College of Law — Law School (32%, 7,409 Votes)
  • NYU Law School — Last Thursday Night (29%, 6,525 Votes)
  • UVA School of Law — On A-T-L (22%, 4,918 Votes)
  • Washington University in St. Louis School of Law — This is Law School (8%, 1,780 Votes)
  • UCLA School of Law — Don’t Call On Me (5%, 1,125 Votes)
  • Columbia Law School — That’s Why You’ll Make Law Review (5%, 1,060 Votes)

Total Voters: 22,814

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