Prosecutor Says This Ricin Guy Is A Real Whackjob Too

Note that even this guy doesn’t actually use ricin.

In news that doesn’t involve 19-year-old, “dark-skinned” Russian/Chechen nephews held up in Watertown with FAKE Twitter accounts, there’s some more information this morning on the coward who allegedly sent ricin to the president, a senator, and a judge. Think Walter White, only without the badass.

We don’t plan to publish a lot of content today, given the circumstances. If we return to a state of “peace” today, we’ll certainly get back to trying to make that sure that Gawker sorority chick ends up applying to law school.

But since the ricin story relates to the general “Jesus Christ” WTF-ness of this week, let’s examine the new details on Paul Kevin Curtis, suspected ricin mailer nutbag…

The ABA Journal has a good roundup of the emerging backstory on this Curtis guy:

Family members said Curtis, an Elvis impersonator, suffered from mental illness, according to AP. In online claims, he told of discovering body parts in a morgue refrigerator while working as a janitor at a hospital. He suspected illegal organ harvesting and tried to enlist public officials in his campaign to publicize what he viewed as an elaborate conspiracy.

I think it goes without saying that I’m all for the racial profiling of Elvis impersonators.

The mainstream media hasn’t talked as much about Curtis’s alleged letter to Judge Sadie Holland. News reports say that she actually sentenced Curtis in the past:

She sentenced Curtis to six months in jail in an assault case several years ago, AP says. It was filed by an assistant district attorney who says Curtis approached him in his car and threatened him with a beer bottle during a rant about body parts being sold.

The prosecutor says, “He was throwing a fit like I’ve never seen a grown man throw before.” Curtis sounds like a real charmer.

I don’t know about you, but I much prefer my domestic terrorism suspects to be like this guy: some drunken, tinfoil-hat-wearing crazy person who seems too addled to put together an effective plan of death and mayhem. This well-armed paramilitary f**k in Boston is much more of a problem.

Stay safe everybody, especially our readers in Boston. Listen to the BPD. We’ll see you later today if things get back to normal.

Ex-prosecutor recalls screaming fit by ricin suspect; family cites history of mental illness [ABA Journal]

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