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Apparent Montana Law Student Shoots Himself In The Foot… Again

In a story that seems to magically combine almost everything I care about, a person who was attending a University of Montana Law School party apparently shot himself “through the foot” on Wednesday.

Guns, random law schools, self-mutilation… if the dude had been a black guy who did it so The Man couldn’t hobble him first, I’d probably spontaneously combust….

NBC News has what little there is on this story:

Missoula fire officials confirm a University of Montana student shot himself through the foot Wednesday night.

It happened at the law school shortly before 10 p.m. and we are told the student was taken to St. Patrick Hospital.

So we don’t know if the gun used was the man’s personal firearm, and we don’t know if he purchased the gun legally. And we don’t know if he was a law student or just some dude visiting the party.

But I hope he was a law student so that my headline makes sense. Our tipster said: “Looks like a student at the University of Montana Law School managed to shoot themselves in the foot (again I suppose, depending on if they were actually enrolled at the law school or just visiting).”

And I hope that it was his own firearm and not one that he grabbed from a friend. And I hope that he purchased the gun legally because dumb-ass gun owners shooting themselves in the foot links up with every narrative I know and love.

In terms of the campus gun policy, NBC says:

NBC Montana looked at UM’s gun policy and it prohibits firearms on campus unless the individual is a peace officer or federal authority.

It also says students living in residence halls have to register any firearms with the campus.

Our tipster backs that up:

[S]tudents in Montana are allowed to have firearms, so long as the guns are registered with the University.

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is his own freaking stupidity.

The metaphor of a law student shooting himself in the foot is classic. To complete it, he should shoot himself in the other foot and say, “This was the only way I could get a wheelchair.” I’m sure there are some students currently getting LL.M.s who would be able to relate.

UPDATE (5/10/13, 11 a.m.): As it turns out, although the shooting took place at the law school, the shooter was a janitor by the name of Josiah Pratt.

Paramedics called to UM after student shoots own foot [NBC Montana]

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