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Are Male Lawyers Fashion-Impaired?

It’s just nice clothing. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Are you afraid of fashion? You’re not alone.

Many male lawyers would rather not deal with picking clothes. These attorneys can negotiate billion-dollar deals or address juries without fear, but the concept of “business casual” fills them with terror.

If you count yourself among the fashion-impaired — or if you see yourself as stylish, but in need of a wardrobe expansion — here are two lawyers who can help….

Tip your hats to Matt Breen and Brian Trunzo, the owners of Carson Street Clothiers, located in Manhattan’s fashionable Soho district. Breen and Trunzo left positions as transactional lawyers at two top firms to launch their upscale menswear store. In this interview, they explain their professional journey to Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

It’s hard to believe that Carson Street Clothiers opened so recently, given its polished look and the impressive press it has already garnered, including favorable mention in the New York Times. But as Breen and Trunzo explain in the interview, the idea of being in business together goes back to when they were in law school, and their knowledge about fashion is extensive (thanks in large part to their blogging about fashion before launching their shop).

Their new venture has risks — especially considering the sizable sums they’ve invested, as revealed in the interview. But if Breen and Trunzo can reach even just a fraction of the unfashionable lawyers of America, they will never lack for customers.

Best of luck to the gentlemen of Carson Street Clothiers. In light of the proximity of the store to the Above the Law offices, as well as the ATL editors’ own urgent need for sartorial guidance, we’ll definitely be stopping by in the future.

Stealth Lawyers: Matt Breen & Brian Trunzo, Menswear Retailers [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]
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