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Ask Mark Herrmann Anything, LIVE in Chicago

According to vast anecdotal evidence, deep in the heart of many or most bored and frustrated Biglaw midlevels lies the dream of someday landing a plum in-house gig. The kind of job which offers reasonable and predictable hours and a decent (albeit smaller) paycheck. The kind of job where “billable hours” are someone else’s problem and there’s only one client to report to.

Going in-house is also an opportunity to become a stakeholder in a business, rather than just a “hired gun” advisor. Living that dream is our very own Inside Straight columnist Mark Herrmann, VP and Chief Litigation Counsel of Aon plc, the world’s largest insurance broker. Mark is also a former partner at Jones Day, and the author of The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law (affiliate link). There are few with a broader perspective and deeper insight into the practice of law both in both firm and in-house contexts.

On June 12th, Above the Law will be hosting a cocktail reception at an undisclosed location in Chicago where Mark will be our guest of honor. Staci Zaretsky will be playing the role of James Lipton, and will conduct an interview with Mark to kick off the evening. Afterwards, drinking. We would like to crowdsource at least a portion of Staci’s interview with Mark, so after the jump, please leave a question for Mark in comments. We’ll select the best ones and Staci will pose them to Mark on June 12th….

Mark Herrmann is nothing if not thick-skinned. Last year, he wrote a column for us soliciting “advance praise” for Inside Straight (affiliate link), and asked ATL readers to propose the sub-title for the book. Mark then chose to publish in the book some of the proposed sub-titles, which included:

  • Inside Straight: The Annoying Ramblings of an Uber Douche and
  • Inside Straight: But Outside? Pretty Into Dudes

So it’s safe to say that Mark is not delicate flower. Fire away in the comments. Obviously, we will choose non-trolling, non-meme reinforcing, and substantive questions for the live Q&A. Assuming we get a few of those. Bonus points for being funny. Chicago-area readers who want to join us on June 12th, please RSVP below.

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