Update On Augustus Sol Invictus, Now With Video

Would you accept this guy at your law school?

Last month, we wrote about a law school graduate who decided to “renounce” his U.S. Citizenship in a departure memo to no one in particular. The letter was somewhat threatening and was sent in the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, so it was a little bit difficult to make fun of him.

But now the guy is out with a video. And it seems like maybe he’s been checked out by the FBI? At the very least, he doesn’t seem to be actively threatening to go on a shooting spree.

Also, a tipster says his “Calvin Candie” voice is a recent affectation. I think we can all feel safe laughing now…

A tipster describes this video manifesto by the DePaul College of Law graduate, “Augustus Sol Invictus.”

The thing to note is that he sounds like Leo DiCaprio in Django Unchained, and while he claims he always sounded like that, he totally did not.

And in all honesty, I always thought this guy was full of hot air, and while taking everything he said with a grain of salt, I thought it was mostly all a joke (his rants during school, his general demeanor, etc) but now I’m beginning to wonder…

Since our initial post, other tipsters who went to law school with this guy have said that he was a little bit off in law school, but they never thought anything of it.

My question is how the admissions people at DePaul didn’t notice something “off” about this guy. I mean check out the video when you have ten minutes to kill, there’s no way this guy just started being this weird.

He spends the first three minutes reading something. Then he goes on to start declaring things. Then he asks people to turn the video off… apparently he wants us sheep to “go back to sleep” and forget about him and says that his video is for our “children” who will fight in his wars.

Then he pauses so we can stop the video. That’s where I really started laughing. Like you are going to watch this thing for six minutes and then listen to him or something.

In any event, it’s freaking weird. He’s weird. The admission’s officer who said “we need to sign this guy up” is probably weird. I’d much rather be a slavish, sleeping conformist than this kind of weird.

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