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Wake Forest Lawsuit Follow-Up

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25 Responses to “Wake Forest Lawsuit Follow-Up”

  1. Ken Ashford says:

    Why would a law student want the law school he is attending to become unaccreditted?

    • Puest says:

      He plans on transferring to Cooley upon a successful result of his suit. And by successful result I mean he transfers to Cooley and gets run over by a steamroller on the way to campus.

    • robertmeerdahl says:

      1. attend a law school
      2. get that law school unaccredited
      3. ???
      4. Profit!

  2. Puest says:

    “Like using school funds to run an international kangaroo meat ring.”

    *sigh*……..Your complete and utter lack of a sense of humor is agonizing, JoePa.

    So let me get this straight. The dean did something to piss this guy off, so he finds a technicality of requiring a policy for written complaints under ABA rules, which they don’t have, they amend the handbook to include a policy, guy complains to ABA, they say GFY shithead they already amended it, so he files a lawsuit.

    I mean, the dean better have buttfucked this guys mom or something because he might be more of an idiot than you, JoePa. Also, this story sucks ass. I am all for 100% stories on law students being morons, but this is just dumb. I am actually starting to feel bad for you man.

  3. The_Haterade says:

    This kid is the fucking worst. I hope one of his fellow students has the decency to push him in front of a bus so he is never a part of this profession.

    • be a lot cooler if you did says:

      I sorta want him in the profession doing litigation, preferably family law with only clients that have personality disorders. It would be the train wreck of train wrecks. But then again, I have no soul.

      • Chris says:

        It seems as though Mr. Skinner could be someone with a personality disorder…

        • be a lot cooler if you did says:

          Absolutely. And people like this don’t stay married (nor do they marry sane people, only a fellow crazy will think it’s a good idea).

    • Brocaine_Brandy says:

      Are you kidding? This kid has partner written all over him!

      -B. Tanningbomb

  4. LCLeopards says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use two masters in Education.

  5. KiIroy says:

    just guessing, but pretty sure this guy raises his hand in class a lot.

  6. Dean of Students says:

    Our policy on student complaint is to leak them to Above The Law, where the student can be publicly and mercilessly mocked until he drops out of school and STFU.

  7. BlackstoneMN says:

    If this idiot actually had any real gravitas, it would be interesting to see if a qui tam False Claims Act suit against Fake Worest had some legs.

  8. HammeredSidway says:

    He should hire Augustus Sol Invictus as his attorney.

    • be a lot cooler if you did says:

      What about the check in NY sending notes to the judge, I think she should get on this somehow. What was her name?

      • Brocaine_Brandy says:

        There’s a check in NY sending notes to judges? Are they Art. III judges, I’ll give Elie the check just to get to read the notes!

        -Not David Lat

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  10. General Disarray says:

    This kid needs to get fuckin’ laid…

  11. Greg Meyer says:

    I think there’s an editing error in this article, it feels like there should be something between these two paragraphs:

    “The details of this claim weren’t clear from the complaint and Skinner’s personal blog. But thankfully some folks have stepped up and provided us with more material Skinner has sent around explaining his beef with Wake Forest. So in the interest of full disclosure, let’s take a look at Skinner’s side of this story…

    “So to make a long story short, Skinner may well be technically correct, and as the bureaucrats say, “technically correct is the best kind of correct.” It’s up to others to decide if this specific violation would rise to undermining Wake Forest’s accreditation.”

    If you remove the “So” at the beginning of the second paragraph, I think it would fix it.

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  13. Atilla the Hun says:

    I wish him all the best of luck.

    There are too damn many law schools and too damn many lawyers.

    We have allowed our market value to be reduced by shear numerosity much like Bernanke’s 80-Billion per month monopoly money printing has devalued the dollar to near worthlessness.

    Where can I contribute to his legal fund? There should be a link.

    • Flavors says:

      I’m just guessing… from your comment… that you don’t have very significant funds to contribute.

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