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Which Law School Do You Probably Not Want To Eat At?

I think the word “routine” should not be included in any sentence that includes the phrase “health inspection” and the word “failed.” Even if “routine” is an accurate description, nobody cares about that after the other words in the sentence.

In fact, “routine” kind of make it worse. Wouldn’t you rather eat at a place that failed a “super invasive, specialized, CSI-level inspection that most establishments likely wouldn’t pass under such scrutiny”? Failing a “routine” one sounds like, “This place is so gross that even a casual inspection revealed… dear God, what is that thing?”

Anyway, other phrases you don’t want to see in the same sentence include “Law School Café” and “mouse-droppings.”

The University of Chicago sent out a helpful health hint to students about the dining options around campus. Here’s the UofC dining message:

On Friday, May 17, the Law School Café, which is managed by UChicago Dining and Aramark, failed a routine inspection by the Chicago Department of Public Health. Inspectors found mouse droppings in the receiving/utility room west of the law lounge, which is more than 75 feet away and across the lobby from areas used for food preparation or storage. The room was inspected because it contains a janitor’s sink used by Aramark staff and is used as an entryway to the dock elevator. It is also used for non-café related storage, such as snow removal equipment and other utility equipment. The café continues to operate as normal. UChicago Dining staff members are working with Aramark and our pest control vendors to remedy the findings. We expect the café will be re-inspected next week, and we will post inspection results to the UChicago Dining website.

Oh, but the Cafe continued to operate normally. That’s… comforting. ‘Cause you know it’s super hard for mice to travel 75 feet.

The Chicago Law administration also made the case that there was nothing to worry about. This message is from the Dean of Students:

Dear Students:

Please see below for a message from UChicago Dining. We are working with them to remedy the issue as soon as possible, but wanted to make you aware of it. Please note that no food preparation or handling takes place in the affected area, which is our old loading dock, and there is no safety concern with the food in the cafe or any other Law School food. I will let you know the results of the reinspection when we receive them.

Yeah, you let us know when that “reinspection” takes place. In the meantime, I think UofC Law students can probably to afford to eat elsewhere until the fall.

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