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Which Supreme Court Justice Are You?

Everyone smile and say “certiorari”!

One of our favorite legal blogs is, authored by Professor Kyle Graham of Santa Clara Law. The site is extremely funny and insightful, especially if you’re a legal nerd (we plead guilty), and we link to it regularly.

Professor Graham shares a number of our interests, such as legally themed vanity license plates. And, of course, the U.S. Supreme Court.

Which SCOTUS justice would you be? Find out by taking the personality quiz….

Here it is, reprinted with Professor Graham’s kind permission (click to enlarge):

We took the quiz here in the ATL offices.

Elie Mystal: “I came out as Sotomayor… this graphic is racist.”

Joe Patrice: “I came out as Kagan… ’cause I’m new and recuse myself from battles I’m already going to lose.”

And I came out as Alito. Not so shocking, given the biographical details we share (New Jersey, Yale, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Newark) — but now he writes magisterial opinions about constitutional law, and I write random stuff on the internet. Sigh. At least we both get to shake our heads and mouth “not true” when liberal black guys start ranting.

Which justice would you be? Click here and find out.

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