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Attorney Tests MMA Skills On Other Drivers

No one enjoys driving in Los Angeles. There’s smog, hours of backed up traffic, and occasional car chases. Angelinos can now add one more item to their reasons to hate driving — an area attorney waiting to beat the hell out of them.

“Road rage” is a fact of life in Southern California. Remember this clip from L.A. Story? But people like to — unfairly — think of road rage as a phenomenon afflicting working stiffs, not well-heeled professionals.

However, a veteran attorney lost his cool in a roadside brawl with another motorist in business attire just off the 405 in Van Nuys.

And we have video…

Attorney Randalf Kinkaid is a 26-year vet of the lawyerin’ game and has never had any prior experience on the wrong side of the law. He has a “Very Good” rating from Avvo. Maybe he can hire himself.

Kincaid recently decided that a fellow motorist had breached the gentlemanly rules of the road and decided to pop open that can of whoopass he’s been harboring.

If you’re not able to immediately watch the video, here’s a description:

“I thought maybe they knew each other, but then he hit him,” said Breuer. “You don’t normally see two older guys in ties having a street fight,” said witness Jessica Breuer, who captured the fight on her cellphone camera.

According to Breuer, attorney Randalf Kincaid got out of his car first and hit the driver of a BMW.

“As I’m sitting there, suddenly the person in the car in front of me leaps out of his car, he runs over to the car in the other lane, and the guy opens his door, and the guy who had run out just starts hitting him,” said Breuer.

The “Stone Cold Counselor,” as I’ve dubbed him, was then jumped by the other guy who threw him into a nice little headlock and dragged him to the ground until the authorities could arrive and arrest Kincaid. Kincaid should be a little embarrassed that he couldn’t get free. I mean, he’d already sucker punched the guy and he still let him get the upper hand.

As for motive, if just being in L.A. traffic isn’t enough to just start hitting people, Kincaid reportedly said, “you could have killed me” to the other driver, suggesting that he must have gotten cut off. At which point, I’m totally on Kincaid’s side. I don’t mean he’s right to have punched the guy, but after the guy got punched, if he really cut off Kincaid, he should accept his punishment and not try to chokehold Kincaid from behind. I mean, we still honor people for accepting their criticisms like a grown up. It’s why no one likes LeBron.

But at least no one ended up dead, which is how you know this didn’t go down in Texas or Florida.

Road rage brawl caught on camera: 2 well-dressed men fight in Van Nuys [ABC News]

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