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Another Screw-Up From The New York Board Of Law Examiners?

The bar exam is next week tomorrow. Good luck, test takers. I hope you guys are firing on all cylinders as you prepare for this important test.

Certainly, the people who administer the exam are ready to bring their unique brand of pathetic administration to your big day.

I feel like every year, the New York Board of Law Examiners competes with the New Jersey Board of Law Examiners to come up with the biggest exam screw-up of the season. NY BOLE holds the all-time lead — they once accidentally released the entire pass list online, then tried to pull it back and to deny the accidental release. Of course, New Jersey once lost the exams, so it’s a pretty close race.

This year, New York is taking the early lead in the clubhouse. It appears that NY BOLE doesn’t know how to use the “Bcc” field when emailing test takers with their personal exam ID numbers. So, that’s pretty embarrassing….

(Please note the UPDATE at the end of this post.)

A tipster received an email from NY BOLE with some exam day tips. But here is what was in the heading:

BOLE ID: [Our Tipster’s ID]
CANDIDATE: [Our Tipster’s Name]

BOLE ID: [Another ID]
CANDIDATE: [Somebody who is not our tipster]

These are the jokers who will be running the bar exam and determining whether or not you are allowed to become a lawyer. Is this happening to anybody else?

In the grand scheme of things that NY BOLE can screw up, this actually isn’t that bad. All it means is that our tipster can look up and see if this random person passed the bar exam. I suppose it also means that our tipster could take the bar exam as this random person, but who would want to do that?

But the screw-up speaks to a kind of administrative sloppiness that isn’t going to make people happy heading into the bar exam. Good luck, guys — hopefully NY BOLE will get 5-hour Energy up in there and wake up.

UPDATE (10:50 a.m.): A few hours after the original message went out, NY BOLE sent out the following email to candidates (which we just received from a source):

Earlier today you were sent an email with reminders about the upcoming bar examination. The email inadvertently contained a pseudonym and mock BOLE ID number used for testing purposes. Please know that the email did not contain any confidential candidate information. We apologize for the error and any confusion this may have caused.

So the error might have been harmless, at least from a candidate privacy perspective. But it’s not exactly confidence-inspiring.

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