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Yo, Stealing Study Rooms Will Get You A Beat Down In Brooklyn

Steal her space, and she will cut you.

We’re here folks. With the bar exam a couple of weeks away we are officially in that special time of year where any young person with law books should be given a very wide berth. Do not make any sudden movements around people studying for the bar. Do not make direct eye contact with them. Do NOT touch their snacks and sodas, you can lose a finger that way.

And, for the love of God, don’t mess with their study areas in the library. Can you smell it? They’ve been there for days. They’ve urinated around their study carrels to mark the territory as theirs — and also because they don’t want to waste time going to the bathroom. If you happen to see a study area that is momentarily unattended, do not take it. Bad things will happen to you.

Especially in Brooklyn, as this unsuspecting student found out the hard way…

A post went up this week on the “Brooklyn Library Weblog.” I want to pause for a second to ponder the fact that the Brooklyn Law Library has a blog and they call it a “weblog” like they’re trying to prove just how 20th Century a “library” is.

In any event, a post went up on the weblog from a person who received a nasty note:

An incident occurred in the library this past Saturday involving one our study rooms. A student was studying in a room on the second mezzanine and left to have lunch. When she returned to the study room, she found a note.

The note contained expletives and accused her of being a “(study)room stealing slime”. I am in possession of said note.

Now, I myself, find it hard to believe that someone apparently studying for the bar, would handle a situation like this, in such a childish and immature manner. Having said that, I realize that it’s hot, it’s humid and nerves are on edge. However, there is no need for name calling and F word usage.

The post goes on to call for calm and decorum during these stressful times.

Seems to me like the poster got off lightly. It’s bar exam time on the mean streets of Brooklyn. The poster is lucky this was handled via note instead of a trashcan to the back of the head… or a vintage, prohibition-era whiskey barrel re-purposed as a trashcan, depending on how gentrified the area around the Brooklyn Law Library has become.

I mean, the poster did “steal” the room, two weeks before the bar. From the post: “I am sure if the student who was using the study room had been informed that said room had been reserved by another student in a polite way, the first student would have moved and found another study area.”

Dude, nobody has time to stand on ceremony for dirty study room thieves. Reserve a room or GTFO. That’s how things work east of the river.

Please Play Nicely! [Brooklyn Law Library Weblog]

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