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The Chart That Should Make Everybody Doing On-Campus Interviewing Absolutely Freaking Terrified

Biglaw summer associate programs are like lions in winter: shriveled husks with but an outline of their past glory.

Instead of talking about it, we decided to make an illustration so we can all look at it in horror. We’ve compared the sizes of the 2007 summer classes at the top 50 largest law firms to the sizes of these firms’ 2013 summer classes. It’s a little bit like comparing the size of House Stark before and after they started messing with the Lannisters.

Winter is coming, would-be summer associates. Here’s a picture for those of you who are confused by math….

Because the 3L job market essentially doesn’t exist, getting a 2L summer position in Biglaw is pretty much the only way you are getting into Biglaw. And although these summer positions still exist, there are far fewer of them available:

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a law student to enter the kingdom of Biglaw.

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