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A Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Comes To The Aid Of Busy Parents

‘Get those hands away from my indentures!’

Having a kid presents challenges. You have to pick out a sensible and legally appropriate name for the child. You have to care for the kid — or pay someone else to do so. You have to keep your child safe, which isn’t always easy.

And these are just the basics. What if you want to enrich your kid’s existence with sports and after-school classes and musical instruments?

As it turns out, there’s an app for that — created by a lawyer, of course….

Or at least a website (which will soon be going mobile). It’s called KidKlass, and it was created by Havona Madama, a lawyer turned mom turned entrepreneur. She talks about her professional journey, from insurance litigator to entertainment lawyer to entrepreneur, in this interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

Isn’t that a great idea? If you’re a busy New York City parent, you should definitely check out KidKlass. I’m going to recommend it to Elie Mystal for starters.

Good luck to Havona Madama as she expands KidKlass from Brooklyn to New York City to around the country. Balancing parenting and a legal career isn’t easy, so any resource that can help is most welcome.

Stealth Lawyer: Havona Madama, Kid Klass Founder [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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