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Nationwide Layoff Watch: The Cutting Continues

We almost made it, but not quite. We almost experienced a week, albeit a shortened one, without layoff news. (Our last layoff story came out before the long holiday weekend.)

The latest cuts are significant, into the double digits. Let’s find out which firm is reducing headcount and by how much….

The dough will no longer rise for a few dozen staffers at Pillsbury. After hearing reports of support staff cuts, we reached out to the firm. Partner and COO Rick Donaldson issued this statement:

Aligning our overall resources with the firm’s current needs is a normal and continuing part of our business. Where possible, we make these adjustments through natural attrition and voluntary reductions, but despite these efforts, our staffing levels have remained elevated. As a result, effective September 4, the firm reduced the number of support staff and paraprofessional positions through a reduction in force.

The departures affect approximately 35 staff in various offices, departments and sections. We will be providing these individuals with severance pay, health benefits and career transition services. These decisions are never easy. Today’s actions are especially difficult because we know first-hand the many contributions our staff have made to Pillsbury in the time they have been with us and know them to be talented, diligent individuals. We wish them well in their future endeavors.

It’s a matter-of-fact and gracious statement. There’s really not much else to say. Good luck to the affected individuals.

Today’s employment report was on the weak side. Sadly enough, the legal sector isn’t doing much to change the overall picture.

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