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Oops! Lawyer for Fortune 100 Company Wants Trial ‘On All The C**ts’

Look, typos happen. No matter how vigilant a proofer is, a typo will eventually slip through. Anyone can type “they it is” or “raceism” once in awhile.[1] As long as the meaning is still clear, there’s not a reason to harp on the person unless you’re just a petty person desperate to use another person’s misplacement of a letter as an affirmation of your life.

So I don’t want to lay scorn on the lawyer or paralegal or court clerk who committed this error. But when a typo in the very title of the filing creates a slur, it’s snicker-worthy.

Here’s a filing that opposes summary judgment “on all the c**ts” of the complaint….

According to PACER, Honeywell Pension and Savings Plan (which I guess isn’t really “Honeywell International” the Fortune 100 entity, but you get the point) recently filed this gem:

Frazier v. Honeywell Pension and Savings Plan, et al – CASE #: 2:10-cv-01618-SRB (District of Arizona)




RESPONSE to Motion re 232 MOTION for Summary Judgment DEFENDANTS OPPOSITION TO PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR PARTIAL SUMMARY JUDGMENT ON LIABILITY ON ALL CUNTS OF THE SECOND AMENDED COMPLAINT filed by Honeywell Incorporated, Honeywell International Incorporated, Honeywell Pension and Savings Plan, Honeywell Retirement Earnings Plan, Honeywell Secured Benefit Plan. (Dauphine, Dawn) (Entered: 09/25/2013)


Ruh-roh. Maybe nobody will bother to read the title.

No one knows where the mix-up entered the stream. The underlying document bears no typo. So somewhere along the line from the attorney to the courthouse clerks, someone transcribed something wrong.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this docket entry was the classic episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry placed an obituary for his wife’s aunt in the LA Times:

So whoever made this mistake can take heart that his or her life is now an episode of one of the funniest shows ever. I just hope the attorney, the firm and the client can all appreciate the mistake, chuckle, and get the description changed.

Or maybe they’ll all be petty counts about it.

[1] Get it?

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