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Alien Conspiracy Theorists Expect Biglaw To Uncover The Truth, Bill For It

‘So when we look at Section 3, Subsection (d), we see that…’

Layoffs, mergers, bankruptcies, and more and more work is transitioning to contractors. Amid all the news that Biglaw firms are losing their once-secure place as consummate power brokers, it’s good to hear that some observers out there still believe that Biglaw has the power to change the world.

Those observers happen to be the sort of people you see on Ancient Aliens, but hey, you’ve got to take what you can get.

So how exactly will Cravath open up Area 51?

Ed Komarek, who is an accountant and UFO activist, believes that the UFO cover up that the government has painstakingly maintained ever since we defeated the Reptilian-backed Nazis back in Dubya Dubya 2, will be undone when Biglaw realizes it’s in their financial best interest to throw the government under the bus.

I would suggest an alliance between those of us seeking UFO/ET disclosure and the powerful Wall Street legal firms. It will take more than ideals to finally put an end to the extraterrestrial cover up. What we exopoliticians need now is some special interest financial muscle behind us. For many years the opposition have used divide and conquer strategies against us and it is high time the tables are turned.

Hopefully at some point soon some very large powerful legal firms could become involved in disclosure out of self interest. The huge amounts of profit to be made through lawsuits and protection from lawsuits should be great enough of an inducement to cause the law firms to break rank from the rest of the pack. When the litigation begins that will sound the death knell for the UFO/ET cover up.

The rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality will surely create economic hardship for many nationally and globally but it will also present many opportunities. There will be those people and industries like the legal industry that will flourish and profit greatly from the upheaval.

Uh oh, Bruce MacEwen, you’ve been replaced as the foremost strategic consultant for law firms by this guy:

The financial incentive for Biglaw will be the trillions at stake in litigation when people start suing the global elite who’ve covered up the existence of aliens for so long.[1] On top of the money involved, think of the billables! Do you have any idea what special relativity does to the billable hour?[2]

I believe that some of the wealthiest lawyers on the planet may soon be those specializing in extraterrestrial and international law. These lawyers will have had the vision to realize the precarious position entrenched special interests have put themselves into by suppressing extraterrestrial reality for their own ends and against the interests of humanity and the environment. These lawyers will have grasped the truth that those elite and their corporations that have knowingly socially devastated humanity and the global environment will be subject to billion and trillions of dollars in lawsuits….

I predict that when the lawyers get involved in UFO/ET disclosure and realize how much money can be made from lawsuits, and protecting special interests from lawsuits, they will be unstoppable. What should have been a gradual cyclical process of acclimation to extraterrestrial reality will have become catastrophic, throwing global society in upheaval and instability.

Lawyers will become unstoppable? Awesome! NY to 190! It may be 190 Quatloos, but whatever.

While I’d hate to argue with the well-reasoned arguments of alien conspiracy theorists, it seems like there’s a hole in this theory. If Biglaw firms were so on top of business decisions, they wouldn’t be getting housed by every company with an army of out-of-work attorneys and a dream. The truth is out there… but it’s probably going to be found by a struggling contract attorney first.

But maybe that actually feeds Komarek’s argument: the financial pressures on Biglaw are getting severe enough that managing partners[3] are going to have to withdraw from the conspiracy to regain the big bucks.

While we’re at it, “some experts believe” that Howrey didn’t collapse on its own. The Men In Black shut them down because they were too close to the truth! Dewey was still just horribly managed.

Hey, this History Channel stuff is fun! We can’t get law schools to go to two years. Could that be because law school deans are really aliens? Some experts say yes.

I’ve got my eye on you, Frank Wu.

[1] To say nothing of the kidnapping case Scully is going to bring.
[2] Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman actually tackled a related question when he published “The Theory of Interstellar Trade” describing how time dilation would impact trade.
[3] Who are also all Freemasons by the way.

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