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Eating In Class Now Has A Corporate Sponsor, Kind Of

Is it me or have there been a lot of food stories coming out of law schools this semester? I take it as a sign that the economy is improving. If people can worry themselves about eating, maybe they are not worrying about jobs?

You might remember that last month a law student had a conniption about people eating in class. The student had a long list of foods that she considered off limits for in-class consumption. But she seemed to not understand the sounds certain foods make. She wrote: “Apples, pineapples and other crunchy fruit: your helpless classmates are here to study. We want to hear the professor, not the gnashing of your teeth and the crunch crunch crunch.”

Her fellow students seized on this clear distinguishing failure, and defended the noble, quiet, and delicious pineapple.

Now we’ve got a fun update. Apparently the pineapples noticed….

The law students at Osgoode Hall in Toronto responded to their classmate’s freakout with “Emergency Pineapple Appreciation Day.” Way to turn it around in a fun way.

Then the Dole Food Company, which is where pineapples work, sent the students a letter thanking them for their efforts:

That is an awesome letter. And they’re getting hats! Osgoode Hall students should sit right next to Food Nazi lady in their little Dole beanies and eat pineapples as loudly as possible (which isn’t very loud, but still).

Also, I’m assuming that the students who organized Pineapple Appreciation Day will now be applying for in-house positions at Dole. I mean, the company needs to hire at least one Osgoode student now, doesn’t it?

Really, I think everybody is a winner here. Except for students who can’t deal with their classmates having snacks.

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