This Lawyer Ditched The Corporate Suit For Lingerie

For as little as underwear comes up in the law, it certainly shows up in ATL more than you’d expect.

We’ve got the judges, we’ve got models doing photoshoots in law libraries, we’ve got amateur porn.

Whenever lingerie and law meet, ATL is there.

Now another Biglaw associate has decided to go into the lingerie game….

Today’s Stealth Lawyer, Jiabei Chen, is a lawyer turned lingerie designer. Jiabei is the co-founder of Ampere, a lingerie company committed to helping women find their actual size… not just the size retailers try to force the girls into. Jiabei’s résumé includes graduating from a top law school and working at an elite law firm in New York. How do you jump from a Biglaw corporate practice to selling lingerie? She shares her story with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

Ampere’s twist on the lingerie business allows women to select the size they think they wear and Ampere will also send them a few “sister sizes” to try on at home. After selecting the best fit, the customer returns the rest.

Getting the right size is all the rage in this market. It’s reminiscent of Diana St. Louis, who left the law to design bras specifically for busty women.

Perhaps the best part of Ampere’s business model is that the lightly used bras that the customer returns are donated to victims of human trafficking. It’s called the Free the Girls program. I see what they did there.

Also, be sure to check out Ampere’s Kickstarter campaign to fund the company’s next line.

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