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A Biglaw Alum’s New Approach To The Legal Job Search

The process of looking for a legal job is not a model of efficiency. The unemployed and underemployed desperately comb through hundreds of Craigslist postings. Meanwhile, the relatively privileged denizens of Biglaw get besieged by cold calls from legal recruiters, whether they’re looking for new jobs or not.

There has to be a better way. And one former Biglaw associate, an alumna of two top firms, believes she has the answer.

Finding a legal job: there’s an app — well, not an app, but a website — for that….

Meet Kirath Miller, a former Shearman and WilmerHale attorney who started her own legal job website, JD Profiles. What makes Miller’s site different? She explains her approach in this interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

Being able to create an anonymous profile describing your professional experience and then waiting for employers to contact you about opportunities sounds like a relatively pleasant way to look for a job. It seems especially appealing for what might be called the “passive” job seeker — say, a Biglaw associate who is reasonably happy with her job, not desperate to leave, but at the same time interested in hearing about particularly compelling opportunities. And the possibility of receiving a placement bonus sounds nice too. (There is some fine print here; to learn more and to create a profile, visit the JD Profiles website.)

Good luck to Kirath Miller on her new venture. Although JD Profiles just launched a few months ago, it’s already gaining significant traction in the legal community, as Miller explains to Mazyck. And that’s no surprise: in today’s highly competitive legal market, job hunters need every advantage they can get.

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