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Hilarious Commercial Alert: Attorney Smashes Insurance Companies — With A Hammer!

If you’re looking for an attorney to smite your enemies with the power of Thor, we have your man.

One lawyer vows to “pound money out of big insurance companies” on your behalf, and he’s willing to provide a visual demonstration. In a new television commercial, Georgia attorney Jamie Casino takes a hammer to those insurance companies threatening to deny plaintiffs their just compensation for everything from car accidents to dog bites.

And he dresses like a badass while doing it, too…

Jamie Casino and his colleagues operate out of Savannah, Georgia, a town best known for cross-dressing, gay lover murdering, and voodoo rituals. Casino owns up to his adopted town’s (he’s originally from outside Philadelphia) penchant for theatrics bordering on downright crazy and pumped out this advertisement for his firm:

Some observations:

1. I’ve driven through Savannah only once, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t looked that desolate since Sherman rolled through. Seriously, this ad looks like it was shot in Tombstone. The symbolic crashed car looks like it’s at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Trust me, if that’s your auto wreck, the statute of limitations has run, bro.

2. But Casino does look like a badass. While the Wild West theme seems bizarrely juxtaposed on a Philly lawyer in Georgia, Casino does look like a tough customer, garbed in black, sunglasses, a belt buckle straight outta Honeysuckle Rose. Look, we should applaud anything that busts out of “I’m wearing a conservative suit and reading books” as the Platonic ideal of a lawyer. Nixon Peabody is looking to break out from the Biglaw crowd. Perhaps it’s time for a little less this:

Nixon Peabody Managing Partner Andrew Glincher

And a little more this:

3. I’d like to believe that the “Stingy Insurance Company” had a little more in the bank than this shiny stand-in:

When Casino slings Mjölnir at a 6-inch pig filled with doubloons, I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

4. The Prestige: To borrow from the film, it’s not enough to beat the bad guys in a legal ad, you need to get damages, and that’s what Jamie Casino does: by making novelty gold coins spew forth FROM HIS GODDAMNED HANDS!

Yeah this is hokey, but unlike some advertisements that ATL has skewered, this one seems intentionally hokey and good for Casino. If this helps him connect with potential clients in his area, that’s great. Just don’t let a hokey robot-fight ad kill your firm like Jeff Winger.

UPDATE (2/3/2014, 12:15 p.m.): Jamie Casino followed up this masterpiece with a two-minute Super Bowl commercial that’s something to behold.

Jamie Casino Attorneys [official website]

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