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I Actually Can’t Believe This Lawyer Put This Ad On TV

A 30-second TV spot during this weekend’s Super Bowl is going for $4 million. I say this to remind everyone that advertising is a big business, and we all expect an advertiser to put a lot of time and effort into an ad that makes its way on screen.

And then there’s this guy.

We’ve covered a lot of ads over the years, ranging from the intentionally hokey to the downright awful (and possibly unauthorized). But this one really shocked me. I just can’t believe it made it on the air…

It’s not that it has a goofy or awful premise. It’s your run-of-the-mill “I wear suits and fight for YOU!” style ad. Where it falls apart is in the execution. The painful, painful execution:

As Barstool Sports puts it:

Seriously, there were no other tries? Who are you, Clint Eastwood or Calculon and refuse to do more than one take? You’re the Orlando firm, pal, not The Law Offices Of Goldstein, Levitz and Portnoy. Pony up to the extra bucks to the videographer to keep the camera rolling for a few more attempts.

10 points for the Calculon reference. That’s Roger Orlando of the Orlando Firm. Here’s a shot of his firm on a gravel road trying to look like the A-Team or something:

Barstool Sports offers the theory that this was an intentional gaffe designed to get us talking about Orlando. I don’t buy it, because this kind of gaffe makes for absolutely the worst possible ad for a litigator — if you can’t speak in public for 30 sustained seconds, how are you going to look in court?

Roger Orlando is undoubtedly a better lawyer than this ad makes him seem. Maybe we should get a Kickstarter going to help him pay for one more take?

Lawyer Probably Should Have Done A Couple More Takes When Filming His TV Spot [Barstool Sports]

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