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Jamie Casino’s Two-Minute Super Bowl Law Thingy

Here was the ominous message that my colleague Joe Patrice received late last week from Georgia personal-injury lawyer Jamie Casino:

Hey Joe,

I saw the [story] you wrote about me. Good work. I got something big coming out at halftime during the Super bowl. Be sure to check it out.


I didn’t know if that was a threat, but now I see that it was a promise. We couldn’t “check it out” during the game, being up here in New York, but afterwards readers started sending us tips about an explosive lawyer ad that had played locally in Georgia.

Uhh… be sure to check it out…

Deadspin put up the ad this morning:

I kind of imagine Aaron Paul saying, “We don’t need a personal injury attorney, we need an injury attorney.”

Of course, regular readers of Above the Law are already familiar with Casino’s past work. Check out this post about Casino’s last ad. Yes, the sledgehammer makes an appearance.

Looking back, that first ad is kind of like “a fledgling killer’s first attempt at transformation.” I can’t wait to see what kind of client-generating art Casino gives us next.

Georgia Lawyer’s Local Super Bowl Ad Is Batshit Amazing [Deadspin]

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