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Parent Begs Firms To Hire Son — Offers To Pay Part Of Son’s Salary

Times are still desperate for recent law graduates looking for work. There’s no guarantee that you are going to get a good job… or any job.

One parent of a Millennial is doing what parents of Millenials often do: stepping in to soften the slings and arrows of their son’s outrageous fortune.

I can’t really fault the parent, but I’d be mortified if I were the son. Of course, the son could have thought more critically about his future before he went to law school in the first place….

A 2013 graduate is so hard up for work that his parents are offering to pay 10% of his salary if somebody would hire him for even part-time legal work. Here’s the Craigslist post (click to enlarge):

Dude, this is just sad. It reminds me of King Priam begging Achilles for Hector’s body. And all this just so his son can get some part-time work and gain a little experience.

But it does make me wonder if the parents sound so desperate because they themselves had a hand in pushing junior towards law school. Maybe their son was an artist? Or a writer? Or something that made his parents say, “Son, you need to go to law school and get a real job.” It wouldn’t be the first time that parents disastrously pushed their children into legal education without understanding the danger of pursuing a legal career in this market.

That said, Millennials can’t blame their parents, and they can’t expect Mommy and Daddy to clean up after every one of life’s mistakes. If he had won the birth lottery with wealthy parents, they would just hire him to do something instead of whoring out on Craigslist offering to defer 10% of his salary. The guy has to play the cards he’s been dealt, and I’m not sure his parents’ attempt to prop him up is really going to help anything.

Life is long, especially if you’ve made a bad decision to go to “an excellent Law School” that your parents don’t even want to name. This kid is going to have to live with that and overcome that, without his parents trying to pull strings on his behalf.

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