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Worst ‘Minority’ Law School Valentine’s Day Event Ever

A tipster sent in a flyer of a Valentine’s Day giveaway being sponsored by a black law students association, and honestly, I hope the BLSA was set up. Seriously, it would be better if racist white people promoted this event as a way to troll black people than if actual black people thought this would be a good idea.

In fact, screw it, that’s the frame I’m going with. New headline: Black Law Students Trolled By Racists On Valentine’s Day…

Tipsters found this flyer on Barstool Sports, so it actually is entirely possible that this is a troll.

It’s Valentine’s Day, not Venereal Disease day. Maybe students got confused by the abbreviation?

The post says the flyer was up at Ole Miss School of Law. So you see where I get my “this is a troll” idea. Remember, the Ole Miss Federalist Society came up with this as a mascot, so I’m not putting anything past them.

Don’t forget to come to our Valentine’s Day event this Thursday. No testing required.

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