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It Turns Out Justin Bieber Is A Horrible Witness… With Video!

Remember back in June when photographer Jeffrey Binion sued Justin Bieber for allegedly ordering one of his bodyguards to beat him up? Well, Justin Bieber’s videotaped deposition in that case has been leaked and it turns out he’s as much of an arrogant jerk as you expected. He personally objects to questions, sneers at the deposing lawyer, and refuses to give straight answers to obvious questions.

But is he a more entertaining deponent than Lil Wayne?

I’m voting no, but Bieber gives unthroning Lil Wayne his best effort since being named NBA All-Star Game MVP. Or NBA All-Star Celebrity MVP anyway.

Hey, sometimes it’s hard to remember if you’ve ever been to a whole continent.

“Be a lawyer, man!” Is the best response to a question you don’t like since “come over here and try it you dumb son of a bit–.”

In fairness, Katie Couric didn’t make him laugh as much.

And with that, the Biebs has totally screwed over Usher’s chances on The Voice.

Celebrities live privileged lives and come across as arrogant jerks when forced to do something, anything against their will. It’s understandable if not laudable. Thankfully the video record of these encounters makes all the rest of us feel better.

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