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LOL Cooley Law School

I’m about to be a bit of a hypocrite. I’m going to laugh at someone for making a typo, even though I make typos all the time and basically need to hire a live-in copy editor.

But it’s okay. Under the Cooley corollary, you can laugh at everything that comes out of Thomas M. Cooley Law School without being forced to examine your own motives….

Cooley Law School has a law review! Students compete to get on it. ABA accredited, baby!

One student got onto the law review, then celebrated the honor on Facebook (click to enlarge):

Let he who has not made a typo on Facebook cast the first stone. But after the first one, everybody else should feel free to grab a rock.

In fairness, he could have made the typo on purpose, in order to make a joke. Of course, this is the downside of going to Cooley: people always assume the worst about you.

Anyway, I have a question: does getting on the Cooley Law Review actually help Cooley grads get jobs? Are there employers out there who are in the market for Cooley lawyers who say, “Well, now that I see you made law review, I’d love to offer you a job”?

I’m not asking to poke fun or “Cooley bash,” I’m just wondering if it practically makes a lot of a difference. If a person doesn’t make law review but spends all that time hustling and networking instead, is she in a better position than the person with the Cooley Law Review credential?

It’s just a thought. See, I like to bring hope to Cooley students who aren’t near the top of their class.

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