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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Not Everyone’s A Winner

Yes, today is one of those days: a day with multiple law firm layoff stories to report (not to mention rescinded offers).

This morning we brought you news of 20 support staffers losing their jobs and 10 offers getting rescinded. Now we share with you the story of a firm cutting almost 40 people.

Which firm just joined the nationwide layoff club?

As you might have guessed from the title of this story, the firm in question is Nixon Peabody, of Everyone’s A Winner theme song fame. The firm commissioned that song after being recognized as a great place to work by Fortune magazine. Alas, for a few dozen staffers, it will no longer be their workplace.

Here is Nixon Peabody’s full statement about its layoffs, by CEO and managing partner Andrew Glincher (whoa that’s a big photo):

Nixon Peabody manages our business in the U.S. and internationally to best serve the needs of our clients. With that as our focus, we have taken action to enhance operational efficiency through a flatter administrative structure and a more centralized legal support model. As a result, 38 staff positions across the firm’s 16 offices, at all levels of tenure, have been eliminated. People are our greatest asset and these changes are not made lightly or without significant consideration for those affected.

Nixon Peabody is a strong firm with 1,400 firm personnel (attorneys and staff). We are confident these changes will better align our administrative organization with the needs of our business, improve client service, and assure our firm is positioned well for the future.

To look on the bright side, the cuts amount to less than 3 percent of the firm’s total headcount. One tipster told us that the cuts hit a lot of older works, “some with as much as 40 years seniority and all with excellent employment records,” but the firm maintains that the reductions affected “all levels of tenure.”

Could the firm be trying to shape up in preparation for a possible merger? Back in December, we wrote about possible merger talks between Nixon Peabody and Blank Rome. Are those merger talks still ongoing? Or is Nixon entertaining any other suitors?

Here is what Andrew Glincher had to say on that score in response to our inquiry:

We have discussions regularly with other law firms on matters relating to the profession and areas of mutual interest. In the ordinary course, we consider growth opportunities that are consistent with our strategic objectives and criteria. However, it would be inappropriate to comment on any specific discussions at this time.

Fair enough. The bottom line: interesting times at Nixon Peabody. Good luck to all the affected individuals.

We will continue our effort to keep everyone informed about layoffs in the legal profession. If you have information to share, please email us or text us (646-820-8477). Thank you.

Nixon Peabody lays off 8 in Rochester [Rochester Democrat & Chronicle]

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