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Qui Tam: Summer Associates

I know it is still only April. But where I live, 60 degrees and intermittent sunshine today felt like summer after six months of freezing winter.

So I thought of summer associates and the obnoxious joy that is knowing, in your heart, that you are going to make it, and someone else isn’t. That, and also some stuff about drinking seemed apropos….

On an Enthusiastic Summer Associate

That guy with the loud mouth
And the pleated jeans over there drinking the Corona.
I think that guy’s a bona fide jackass.
You nodded, and we swirled our drinks
Imagining ourselves chuckling when his no-offer came.

At the Summer Event

All I remember is showing the scars on my knuckles to some Johnny-wanker summer from the San Diego office
And being led back to the hotel to avoid a fight.
I think it had something to do with scotch and arrogance.
It usually does.

Qui Tam, a weekly column of poetry about the legal profession, is penned by an arrogant T1 law graduate, former Biglaw associate, and current in-house lawyer. You can reach Qui Tam by email:

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