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This True Hero Feels Lost In Law School

There’s a reason the Hero’s Journey doesn’t take detours through law school. It just doesn’t feel all that epic to spend your day highlighting cases and playing gunner bingo. When the most famous films about law school involve a pathetic whiner terrified of his professor, a white guy in blackface, and a ditz trying to get back at her boyfriend, you know you’re not dealing with the Guns of Navarone.

Whenever law tries to get heroic, we tell tales of lawyers who champion the downtrodden. And then fail miserably.

So it’s no wonder that this kid who feels they really are a hero is rudderless in law school.

This comes to us from PostSecret, the website where people send anonymous confessional postcards that are supposed to be cathartic for the sender and voyeuristically awesome if you’re a hater. Every postcard falls into one of two camps: (a) directly admitting they committed unspeakable crimes or (b) indirectly admitting they’re pitiful crybabies.

Enter this postcard which is definitely the latter and, depending on the law school, maybe the former:

That Sorting Hat is a bitch.

(hidden for your protection)

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