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Bachelorette Using ‘What She Learned In Law School’ To Choose Fake Husband

Andi Dorfman

When ABC announced that Andi Dorfman, an assistant district attorney in Atlanta, would star in this season’s The Bachelorette, we all expected the media to force her Wake Forest Law degree down our throats as evidence that she’s smarter than the standard vapid Bachelorette. And in the process we’d hear more about how law is an exciting David E. Kelley-produced reality. To ABC she’s a real-life Ally McBeal. Except Jewish, which actually would better explain McBeal’s bundle of neuroses.

So it was no surprise when ABC treated us to this insultingly stupid interview where they force Dorfman to explain how she’s using “what she learned in law school” to find a fake husband the way other law grads find fake jobs.

How does a law degree help you choose a mate?

It’s good to know that she doesn’t plan on staying in the public eye like some former contestants. I mean it could really be annoying if she was on one nationally-televised program and then decided to artificially extend her 15 minutes of fame by going on another one.

So Dorfman’s law school taught her the value of “going there and asking questions that, you know, are sometimes off limits, but really get you the answers that you need, you know.” My guess is her professional responsibility professor is less than enthusiastic to hear that her take on the class was defining the limits she should exceed. And I doubt she even believes that being a lawyer is about asking improper questions, but now that she’s a packaged commodity of a mainstream media outlet that once sold America on Alan Shore, it’s her job to sell the idea that lawyering is just one in-your-face, walking-the-line cross-examination after another. Though she is a prosecutor, so who knows.

On the other hand, a hierarchical environment with arbitrary grading standards that end up defining people for life? A rose by any other name would be a clerkship, right? Perhaps she’s on to something.

After all, what is a wedding but an agreement to take on a load of debt?

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