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Law Students Teach Administrative Law — Through Dance!

You probably never thought of Chevron deference as proper fodder for a musical dance number. That’s because you lacked the appropriate damn vision, kids. These students decided that if it’s good enough to form the superstructure of an entire area of law, Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council is good enough to make for a catchy tune.

The song is entirely clever. For example:

But Congress can’t be delegatin’ all the big questions;
They should make policy that’s why we have elections.
So so long as the agency’s resolution doesn’t get too close to the constitution,
Put your hands on your head and crack a yawn.

Think of this as your dessert after a thrilling Law Revue contest….

Actually, although this video comes to us from NYU Law, it’s completely independent of the championship-winning NYU Law Revue crew. If this is what NYU’s non-Revue students are putting out, no wonder they dominated this year’s competition.

Good luck on that Administrative Law final.

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