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Qui Tam: Three White Boys

Last week I wrote about the bar exam. This week I am hearkening back to happier times after first and/or second year of law school: fat paycheck, lunch out everyday, the life of a Biglaw summer associate. 

But maybe it isn’t quite the same experience for everyone….

Three White Boys

Three white boys, and two others.
Small summer class, regional office in a big market.
Fair chances all summer:
Same mentors, same partners,
Same events, same support,
Same pay, same culture.
Except, maybe, not everything was the same.
In chemistry you learn
Likes dissolve likes,
And it’s not so different here.
You could explain it rationally:
He muffed that big assignment,
She was immature, really nice, but immature.
After all we’re a business and we need lawyers
We can rely on, people we can trust.
So, three white boys and three offers,
And two others.
The sample’s small I know,
And it’s just a summer associate job.
But funny, my class is making partner now,
And what do you know, the pattern holds.
You can NALP it if you like.

Qui Tam, a weekly column of poetry about the legal profession, is penned by an arrogant T1 law graduate, former Biglaw associate, and current in-house lawyer. You can reach Qui Tam by email:

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