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Which Awful Hit Band Did This Lawyer Leave Biglaw To Join?

We’ve seen lawyers walk out of Biglaw to do some pretty interesting stuff. From making crazy sex toys to selling gigolos. Maybe there’s a trend there. In any event, a lawyer with a big NYC firm has turned in his proverbial badge and gun to join a “panty-dropping” hit band.

A few months ago this lawyer was just like us. And in a sense, he still is. To borrow from Bruce Dickinson, he still puts his pants on one leg at a time. Except once his pants are on he makes platinum records….

Or more accurately he’s going to make platinum records because he only just joined the band Train recently, replacing the departed drummer who worked on the previous hit albums. Drew Shoals (here’s a screenshot if that link gets taken down) was with the corporate group at Shearman & Sterling. Per his LinkedIn — which has been updated with his new occupation as a drummer — his practice consisted of “Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Finance, and Litigation.” Prior to that, the Penn Law grad, who served as Editor-in-Chief of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, summered at Stoel Rives in Portland.

Of course there’s a Portland connection. Walking away from the corporate rat race to join a band is so totally Portland. The dream of the 90s and all that.

Now he’s with the band Train, one of the foremost bands in the fertile “copying Maroon 5″ genre. Personally, I don’t really like Train. That said, I’m not a drunk 20-something white girl. They f**king love Train. Ukuleles and high-pitched platitudes about blowjobs creating a spiritual connection are like catnip for them I guess. Tiny Tim was ahead of his time.

Now Shoals is hard at work recording his first album with the band. Last week, Train announced that a new album called Bulletproof Picasso will be dropping September 16, 2014. Good luck!

Two years ago he said, “I had done everything I wanted to do in music. I was flying to Cancun, Mexico, for gigs and played in front of 14,000 people in Chicago. I got to do that rock star thing, but law school was always in the back of my mind since college.” What the hell was wrong with you, dude. For the record, this equation always, always holds: Rock star > Biglaw attorney. At least he’s finally figured this out.

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