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Which T14 Law School Is This Super Bowl MVP Repping?

As lawyers, we’re not about to win the Super Bowl, let alone turn in an MVP-worthy performance. And lawyers are also unlikely to end up dating an actress/model who routinely appears on Maxim covers. But grads of one law school got a little closer to that dream over the weekend when a Super Bowl MVP was caught on camera kissing his actress/model girlfriend while wearing a law school t-shirt.

And not just some joking “Harvard Law” t-shirt, but a t-shirt commemorating a very specific law school tradition. How did he even get this shirt?

Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is dispelling those rumors that he’s gay by going public with his relationship with Olivia Munn. The paparazzi sites are abuzz with a pic of the two on the set of her soon-to-be-put-out-of-its-misery show, The Newsroom.

But we’re less interested in how awkward they look or what Rodgers is doing with his hands than we are with his wardrobe choice.

Hell yeah NYU! For those not blessed with an NYU education (or a degree from that cow college uptown), the Deans’ Cup is an annual basketball game between NYU and Columbia. It can actually be pretty highlight-worthy:

And this year, NYU was nice enough to let go of its five-year winning streak to throw a bone to Columbia. Hey, it’s for charity, so you don’t want to take all the drama out of it.

But seriously, where did Rodgers get this t-shirt? If anyone has the scoop, be sure to let us know.

What can we say, Rodgers knows to dress like a champion.

UPDATE (11:40 a.m.): We’re hearing that there’s a 3L at NYU who is good friends with Rodgers from back in California Oregon.

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