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Eric Holder Knocked For Attorney Generaling While Black

Nobody goes to the opinion pages of Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal expecting intelligent commentary on the state of race in America, but a recent piece by Dorothy Rabinowitz contained one of the more racially offensive statements you’re likely to see outside of World Cup coverage.

She wrote that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had become “the most racially polarizing attorney general in the nation’s history.” Well EXCUSE HIM FOR BEING BLACK…

It’s not Holder’s fault that some dumb white people construe every one of his actions or non-actions as part of a secret African-American plan for world domination. It’s not Holder’s fault that commentators and congressmen alike are able to take out racial angst against him because they are too scared to be openly racist towards the President. It’s not Holder’s fault that ancient fears of blacks in power are projected onto him. And it’s certainly not his fault that some people feel threatened by civil rights for all. Rabinowitz is blaming the victim just as much as George Will has ever done.

Rabinowitz claims that Holder has “attacked” states seeking to curtail voter fraud, and refused to prosecute “New Black Panther Party” members. These are all well known dog-whistles to racists. The darkies are coming for your votes. Rabinowitz being allowed to play at racial fear-mongering in the WSJ is hardly something to get worked up about.

Except… there have been real, live ACTUAL RACISTS in the Attorney General’s Office. To suggest that there is anything Holder has done or could do that would place him in the ballpark of our most racially divisive AG’s is ludicrous. It shows that Rabinowitz doesn’t care about “divisiveness” if it’s only minorities getting punked.

Salon has a great piece up on the actually “divisive” former USAGs. My favorite is the guy who actually owned slaves.

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