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Fourth Of July Power Grab: Law School Admissions Scandal Could Trigger President’s Ouster

How did you spend your long weekend? I spent mine in the seventh ring of suburban hell: the big box stores. Summer associates probably spent theirs saying things like, “Look at all the money I have to spend on my long weekend; Biglaw jobs are GREAT!” Recent grads spent it in a fetal position: “The bar is coming. THEBARISCOMING. Gurgle gak Commercial Paper.”

Down in Texas, a more traditional star-spangled bacchanalia was momentarily interrupted by coup d’etat. Though, in fairness, overthrowing corrupt powers seems like the most traditional way to celebrate Independence Day…

A couple of months ago, we told you about a shocking admissions scandal at the University of Texas Law School. You might have missed it, because the students being let in do not match preconceived notions of “undeserving” admittees. Texas Law stands accused of admitting dozens of unqualified students who happened to be politically connected. For those playing along at home, “my Daddy is a state senator” is not a protected class.

Anyway, the allegations came out in May, now it’s July, and nothing really happened — until now. Over the weekend, UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa asked UT President Bill Powers to resign. Powers used to be the dean of the law school, and it would appear that most of this scandal is landing on his desk. From the Houston Chronicle:

UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa asked Powers to resign before the regents meet again July 10, or be fired at the meeting, the source said. Powers told Cigarroa he will not resign, at least not under the terms that the chancellor laid out Friday. Powers told Cigarroa he would be open to discussing a timeline for his exit, the source said.

Powers has developed a tense relationship with the system chancellor and regents in recent months. The ultimatum comes as the university plans to undertake an official investigation into possible legislative influence over campus admissions.

As of now, it seems that no “timeline” has been developed for Powers’s graceful exit. But if I were Powers, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for anything other than a firing on Thursday.

UT don’t give a f**k when they decide it’s time for you to go. There’s no ivory tower, bureaucratic ceremony to the thing. Remember what happened to former UT Law Dean Larry Sager? Here today, gone today.

They say Florida is America’s penis, but Texas is certainly where our testicles live.

UT Austin President Powers asked to resign or be fired [Houston Chronicle]

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