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Making Bar Study Fun! A Conversation With BARBRI’s Comedic Lecturer Roger Schechter

Ed. note: Please welcome Above the Law’s guest conversationalist, Zach Abramowitz, of blogcasting platform ReplyAll. You can see some of his other conversations and musings here.

I’ve used this conversational pulpit to whine about first-world problems like law school exams, Biglaw summer programs, and the like. But if there was one part of my legal experience that I truly enjoyed, it was studying for the bar exam. And one of the main reasons that I loved studying for the bar — I will get into the others soon — was the man who bookends the BARBRI courses each year with his lectures on Torts and Family Law: Roger Schechter. In the conversation posted below, I’ll learn a little more about the man who’s had prospective bar exam takers cracking up in their seats for the last 24 years, and see if he has any other suggestions for making bar study more fun and rewarding — oh, and making sure you pass!

Professor Schechter and I will be creating this conversation using ReplyAll over the course of the week, so check back as the conversations develops. And now, without further ado, the conversation:

Zach Abramowitz is a former Biglaw associate and currently CEO and co-founder of ReplyAll. You can follow Zach on Twitter (@zachabramowitz) or reach him by email at Professor Schechter is the William T. Fryer Research Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School and has been a BARBRI lecturer for the last 24 years.  Professor Schechter doesn’t tweet, but you can follow BARBRI on Twitter.

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