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Lawyerly Lairs: An Entertainment Lawyer Unloads His $5.3 Million Home

285 Central Park West

Lawyers and their real estate transactions continue to make the news. Last weekend’s New York Times, for example, chronicled the hunt of a former Cahill Gordon associate and her husband for an apartment large enough for themselves and their three children. Boji Wong and Benjamin Berkman ultimately found what they were looking for, paying just a shade under $3.8 million for a 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom co-op in tony Tribeca.

For our latest Lawyerly Lairs column, though, we’re going to take a trip uptown. We’ll check out the beautiful pre-war apartment that a noted entertainment lawyer and his wife, a high-profile journalist and writer, recently sold for a tidy sum — $5.3 million, to be more precise….

The news comes to us from the New York Observer:

[Stephen and Liora Yalof] have just closed for $5.3 million on a charming three bedroom at 285 Central Park West, according to city records.

From the listings photos, arrayed with the oversight of Stribling’s Cathy Taub, the place appears to have been outfitted as a kind of realized idealization of an Upper West Side intellectual’s home base. The motif makes a certain amount of sense if, as we suspect, the place until recently belonged to the same Suzanne Levine who is a feminist author and was the first editor of Ms. magazine and the first female editor of the Columbia Journalism Review. (That, of course, would make the other seller, Robert Levine, the author’s husband, an attorney.)

The Observer treats Levine like an afterthought, relegating him to a parenthetical, but he’s actually quite far from chopped liver. Robert F. Levine is a founding partner of Levine Plotkin & Menin, where he continues to work as counsel. This Cornell and Harvard Law grad has enjoyed a long and distinguished legal career:

Mr. Levine’s practice has spanned over forty years, and he has represented clients in virtually all major areas of the media/entertainment industry. He has particular expertise in the publishing industry, where he has acted both as an attorney and as a literary agent for many celebrated authors, and has provided strategic counseling on the development, purchase and sale of literary and magazine properties. He also has negotiated employment agreements for prominent media figures, many of whom have been clients of the firm for more than a decade….

Mr. Levine has been named a “New York Super Lawyer,” and the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory gives him its highest “AV” professional rating.

If you’re not impressed by those credentials, well, check out Levine’s former apartment. He and Suzanne Levine must have been doing something right to enjoy such a luxurious lawyerly lair….

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