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What Would You Put On The Sonia Sotomayor Burger?

One age-old gimmick in any restaurant’s bag of tricks is naming their fare after local celebrities. That’s how you get stuff like The Roethlisburger, a sandwich with “12 ounces of ground beef, 12 ounces of sausage… American cheese and two eggs.” That sounds like a concoction guaranteed to take advantage of your stomach.

The same tourists who think crazy crap on the walls passes for decoration eat it up. If you’re lucky, the celeb will show up to test the food and bestow instant notoriety. The restaurant industry is a tough game and chefs have to make it any way they can.

So in Washington, D.C., a local eatery has created the “Sonia From The Bronx Burger.” Don’t be fooled by the gavels that she got, I suppose. At least I hope that was the reference, because I don’t want to envision the jurist gunning down Carlito Brigante.

So what’s on this thing? And what should be on other Supreme Court sandwiches?

The Sonia From The Bronx Burger is the invention of Timothy Dean Burger. You may remember Timothy from Top Chef. He was on Season 7. Anyway, he has a burger joint that sounds ridiculously good and he populates his menu with D.C.-themed burgers.

Here’s a snapshot of the menu. The Sonia includes avocado, cheddar cheese, thyme-roasted mushrooms, and grilled romaine. It looks like this:

via District Cuisine. Check out their review here.

I think I’d go with the Jean-Louis, but it all looks pretty amazing.

Still, I’m not sure what’s so distinctly Bronx about avocado? That seems more appropriate for a Californian like Earl Warren. Anyway, this is the only sandwich with a SCOTUS moniker that we know of, but there must be more out there. Or maybe not. The Baltimore Sun held a contest to create a sandwich named after a current member of the Court. The contest kind of fizzled.

Maybe the world is just not ready for the John Roberts Sandwich. Not sure of the Chief’s taste in sandwiches (other than Cosi and Au Bon Pain), but there’s probably a lot of white bread involved.

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