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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 10.22.07

    * Princeton Reviews Top 50 Law Schools [TaxProf Blog] * Indiana Law Student Shoots Real-Estate Finance Casebook [Law Blog] * Blawg Review #131 on business blog, Passion, People and Principles [David Maister via Blawg Review] * Joe Torre and Contract Incentives [Conglomerate] * Seen in White and Case’s NY boardroom last Thursday… [The Adventure Of […]

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  • American Bar Association / ABA

    American Bar Association – 50 Ways to Market Your Law Practice

    The ABA Journal has put together a well-intended list of 50 ways to market your [father’s] law practice. Here’s just a few to get a conversation started with the older partners in your firm: 1. Join your local chamber of commerce. It’s great for networking and community credibility. 5. Offer to write an article for […]

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  • Daniel Solove

    Professor Solove gives us the poop on David Lat

    David didn’t expect me to get the scoop. No doubt, he’s been reading the reviews of Dan Solove’s new book, The Future of Reputation Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet. I downloaded a free copy of Chapter 1. Don’t know if Lat has read this review by PajamasMedia’s culture critic, David Freeman, who writes: […]

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  • McInnes Cooper

    McInnes Cooper Canadian Law Firm Student Recruitment Video

    “Put Life on Your To-Do List and consider McInnes Cooper. In a nation-wide survey, McInnes Cooper was rated by its associates as one of the top firms to work for in Canada.” You’ve got to give McInnes Cooper credit for using real lawyers in their video, unlike Allen & Overy. The video has two story […]

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  • Allen & Overy

    What’s The Deal At Allen & Overy?

    Allen & Overy in the UK has over-produced a hiring video that uses real actors to portray A&O solicitors engaged in really interesting work for global clients. Watch the video here at RollOnFriday, which offers this take on it: Presumably the prosaic reality of 15 hour days drafting intercreditor deeds and dealing with IT problems […]

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  • White & Case

    Making the Case for a White Christmas at Biglaw

    This just in from a tipster. It can’t possibly be true, so we’re taking it as a joke. If you’re an associate at the firm, or work for Mr. Grinch at Biglaw, please let us know in the comments below. Tell us this can’t be true. Tell us you’ve seen worse. What is your firm’s […]

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  • Admin, Announcements, Blogging, Piercie Shafton

    While Lat’s away, we all can play!

    A few of the more-alert readers here have noticed there’s an unusual name in the byline, today. Let me introduce myself. My nom de plume is Piercie Shafton, an evocative moniker for a guest-editor of Above the Law, I’m sure you’ll agree. Don’t bother to Google me. I’m not that Piercie Shafton: “the meddling tool […]

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  • Barack Obama, Blogging, Books, Hillary Clinton, Law Schools, Media and Journalism, Morning Docket, Politics, Sentencing Law, Violence

    Morning Docket: 10.22.07

    * Who, Exactly, Is A Journalist? [Concurring Opinions] * Law Student May Have Shot At Textbook With Assault Rifle [JournalGazette] * Nixon Peabody Links Up With Boutique for London Launch — Everyone’s A Winner! [] * Man gets life in ‘Curious George’ killing [CNN] * “I’m not a morning person.” Child Abuse Excuse Riles Judge […]

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