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Stringer.jpgMove over, Eliot Spitzer and the Emperor’s Club. The St. Petersburg Times has a story on a Florida judge accused of stealing money from a New York stripper:

Christy Yamanaka says she had sex with 2nd District Court of Appeal Judge Thomas E. Stringer Sr. three times during their 15-year friendship.

She paid him rent in a home he once owned in Hawaii, and now lives in a New York City apartment leased under his name.

She says the married father of five owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars that he helped hide from creditors.

I’m not sure why the number of times the judge and the stripper had sex is the lead on this story. But hey, it is interesting!
The details on the juicier financial dealings follow. Sometimes it’s best not to keep it in the family:

Yamanaka said she contacted Stringer during the spring of 2004. She had declared bankruptcy in Las Vegas, and creditors won $315,000 in judgments against her. She hoped Stringer would help her sort out the legal mess.

The judge acknowledges that he referred Yamanaka to his son, Tampa attorney Daryl Stringer.

Christy Yamanaka Above the Law blog.jpgSo, is it better to be “an Emperor” or “Your Majesty?”

Out of respect, she called Stringer “Your Majesty.”

Yamanaka had lived in Japan for seven years and says the country revered judges almost like gods.

We’re glad ATL is not based in Japan. We don’t treat our Judges of the Day like gods — unless we’re in their courtrooms.
New York stripper says Hillsborough judge owes her money [St. Petersburg Times via How Appealing]

* Status of the Roger Clemens steroid investigation. Just in case you didn’t already know he’s guilty. [ESPN]
* Forget about lead-tainted toys and pet food. Charges were filed yesterday in LA against four American executives who imported toothpaste that contained antifreeze. [WSJ Law Blog]
* “The weirdest legal pleading ever” included a “children’s book for adults” so that the Court could “comprehend” the plaintiff’s arguments. Take THAT, Florida Supreme Court Justices. [Slate]
* Your daily dose of profanity in a legal proceeding: “”Mr. Sadler, we all felt, was a lying sack of sh*t.” []
* Managing Intellectual Property releases its list of top North American Firms for 2008. [Managing Intellectual Property]

Your Frivolous Friday guest-blogger is signing off. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Pronunciation.gifIs it SUBstantive or subSTANtive? Our dictionary tells us to emphasize the first syllable.
A lovely Canadian professor at our law school emphasizes the second syllable, and although our affection for him is great, every time he says “subSTANtive” we take away ten points on our completely subjective professor-grading scale. How about THAT, professor? Students grade YOU TOO. (Just kidding. Kinda.)

Apple wants to put its iPhones in the workplace, which may mean that your firm Crackberry could be replaced by an equally addictive (but much more hip) iPhone.
We think, however, that there should be a screening process for determining who gets the iPhones. There’s a certain degree of unaffected coolness, a hipster air, that one needs to have to use an iPhone and not create the impression of an over-eager gadget-grabber. Also, Apple would have to tone down its image to fit with the lawyerly crowd if it wants law firms to trade their Blackberrys for iPhones. Flashy and too-cool is unrefined. We think the only solution is to wait until next year, when the iPhone isn’t so flashy-new, to hand them out to lawyers.
Let’s take a vote. Crackberry v. iPhone: Smackdown Part I.
Apple Aims to Put iPhone Into the Workplace [NYT]

Samantha Power.jpgWe updated our original post from this morning about Samantha Power calling Hillary Clinton a “monster,” but it’s a big enough development to cover in a separate post. So here we go.

Professor Power, rumored love interest of Cass Sunstein, resigned from the Obama campaign because of her tawdry remarks about Hillary Clinton in an interview earlier this week. She also apologized publicly:

“With deep regret, I am resigning from my role as an adviser the Obama campaign effective today,” Ms. Power said in a statement released by the campaign. “Last Monday, I made inexcusable remarks that are at marked variance from my oft-stated admiration for Senator Clinton and from the spirit, tenor, and purpose of the Obama campaign. And I extend my deepest apologies to Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, and the remarkable team I have worked with over these long 14 months.”

Obama Aide Resigns for Calling Clinton a ‘Monster’ [New York Times]

There’s a national movement pushing for law students to have the right to carry guns on campus. They’ve even got an official acronym: SCCC (Students for Concealed Carry on Campus). The group formed in response to the VA Tech shootings last year, and currently claims to have more than 16,000 members.

They argue that when students know that other students may be armed, it has a preventative effect on anyone contemplating an NIU or VA Tech style shooting. The group also wants students to be able to protect themselves in case of another tragedy.

Dan Filler at The Faculty Lounge gives his response….

double red triangle arrows Continue reading “Law Students with Guns: Bad Idea, or Worst Idea Ever?”

Cadwlader Official.JPGHere’s the most comprehensive bit we’ve heard from a tipster:

[N]o longer at CWT anymore (thankfully), but I did hear that Chris White (the Partner who deposed Link) is attempting a major realignment of practice groups. Apparently he wants to move the Corporate department into the Real Estate and somehow make it a sub group. As expected, this is not going over well with the Corporate partners (imagine Dennis Block being told he needs to move?) and there’s all kinds of infighting and threats from the Corporate partners in regards to this.

Is this the source of the rumblings we’ve been hearing? We’ll update you as we find out more information.
UPDATE #2: This tip just came in the comments from someone in the office at Cadwalader today:

I’m in the office today and something is definitely going on. There is absolutely no work going around. I asked a partner if everything was OK and he told me to mind my own business. This is not a joke. I also have some friends at other firms (Milbank) who say that they are also extremely slow.

So, we have confirmation that “something” is going down. Could this be just another slow Friday, or are we on the verge of a serious scandal?

Julie Buxbaum is a Harvard alumna and lawyer turned novelist. Her first book, The Opposite of Love, is getting favorable reviews. As we’ve written about before, she’s signed a deal for two books, so it’s a good sign that the first is being well-received.

For the lawyers who want to be writers: her advance was likely in excess of $500,000.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Smarter Sister [Washington Post]
The Opposite of Love [Amazon]

Cadwalader.jpgWe’re getting tips about something big going down at Cadwalader today, but no specifics yet. If you have information, be sure to let us know: tips AT abovethelaw DOT com.

Hopefully this is as exciting as their bed-bug infestation of ’07.

If you live in NYC, you’re used to smoking being banned in almost every place of business; your law dates back to 2003. DC caught up in January of 2007. However, the pro-health laws have had a harder time down south where people get all hot and bothered when the government tries to tell ‘em what to do. Here in Tuscaloosa (‘Bama), the law bars smoking in restaurants before 10:00 pm. It’s a narrow victory for the non-smokers.

Professor Althouse posted today about the loophole in the Minnesota ban that allows smoking for “actors in theatrical performances.” Non-actors in Minnesota are trying to use the exception to get around their state’s ban.

We know we have readers all around the country. What’s the status of smoking in your town’s bars and restaurants? If there is a ban, is it enforced?

“The Tobacco Monologues” [Althouse]
NY State Smoking Ban Signed into Law [CNN]
DC Smoking Ban Approved [Washington Post]

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