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  • Got debt?

    Biglaw, Student Loans

    Biglaw Firm Helps Associates ‘Latham’ Their Law School Debt

    Why don’t more Biglaw firms have student-debt initiatives like this?

    47 Comments / / Jan 26, 2016 at 3:15 PM
  • Biglaw bonus money 100 dollar bill ribbon

    Biglaw, Bonuses, Money

    Associate Bonus Watch: Latham & Watkins

    Do the firm’s bonuses reflect how well it’s doing? Opinions differ….

    8 Comments / / Jan 25, 2016 at 5:16 PM
  • Alecia and Andrew Schmuhl

    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 01.08.16

    * Remember Andrew and Alecia Schmuhl, the husband-and-wife lawyers who allegedly tortured and almost killed a law firm partner? Now Andrew may claim involuntary intoxication as one of his defenses. Damn you, NyQuil! Damn you, Benadryl! [NBC Washington]

    * You may not agree with Ted Cruz’s politics, and you may not like Canada for some reason, but that doesn’t mean he’s ineligible to run for president just because he was born there. Like it or not, it appears constitutional law scholars more or less tend to agree on this point. [ABC News]

    * Dentons isn’t finished collecting lawyers yet. The megafirm is kicking off 2016 with yet another acquisition, but this time it’s a lateral raid from British firm Matthew Arnold & Baldwin. Dentons will welcome a 45-lawyer banking and finance team. [Am Law Daily]

    * That was quick! Jonathan Lippman recently turned in his robes after retiring from his post as chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals, and he’s already found a new job. He’ll join Latham & Watkins, where he’ll work in an of counsel role. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * New York just launched its new medical marijuana law, which is likely the strictest of all such laws in the country. People aren’t fans: “[I]t seemed like the priority was to make it as limited as possible, instead of focusing on what is best for patients.” [Al Jazeera]

    46 Comments / / Jan 8, 2016 at 8:57 AM
  • Robert Lewis Dear

    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 12.10.15

    * Robert Lewis Dear, the man accused in the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, had this outburst during a hearing yesterday: “I am guilty, there will be no trial. I am a warrior for the babies. You’ll never know the amount of blood I saw in that place.” [CBS Denver]

    * The American Bar Association has approved the merger between William Mitchell Law and Hamline Law to form Mitchell|Hamline Law. Since law school mergers now seem to be a viable option, struggling schools may be able to find a way to survive instead of closing. [Pioneer Press]

    * In yesterday’s affirmative action duel at the Supreme Court, Bert Rein of Wiley Rein and Gregory Garre of Latham & Watkins faced off for the second time in Fisher v. University of Texas: The Reckoning. Will SCOTUS kill AA this time? [WSJ Law Blog]

    * According to the Rhode Island Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline, Judge Rafael A. Ovalles brought his office into disrepute after sexually harassing a female court clerk and sitting in chambers with his hand in his underwear. [Providence Journal]

    * A settlement in the “Happy Birthday to You” copyright case has thrust the song into the public domain where it belongs. Now employees at chain restaurants across the country won’t have to sing cheesy soundalike songs to birthday diners anymore. [Reuters]

    39 Comments / / Dec 10, 2015 at 9:03 AM
  • stat image


    Stats Of The Week: Law Firm Love For Hillary

    Law firms are lining up behind Hillary, according to the latest FEC data.

    22 Comments / / Oct 23, 2015 at 3:43 PM
  • layoff group

    Biglaw, Staff Layoffs

    Uh-Oh! Super-Rich Biglaw Firm Is Trimming Its Ranks

    Which law firm is trying to reduce headcount this time?

    110 Comments / / Oct 9, 2015 at 1:01 PM
  • male lawyer megaphone


    Non-Sequiturs: 06.18.15

    * It was First Amendment Day at SCOTUS this morning! Here’s a recap. [PrawfsBlawg]

    * Exclusive report on the new CSOL president’s meeting with students. He explained how Infilaw had a terrible track record and offered nothing to the school. Just kidding! But he did suggest introducing “a Boy Scout-inspired ‘merit badge system’” to the school. So there’s that. [SC Lawyers Weekly]

    * Facebook made this legislator vote the wrong way on a bill. #banBoomers. [Lowering the Bar]

    * Texas became the first state to ban fracking bans. Looks like they understand hierarchical government in some situations. [Breaking Energy]

    * Allegations of political influence peddling in Orange County pot industry. I didn’t make it to the big ATL Business of Bud conference the other day, but this sounds scandalous. On the other hand, “drug trade influence peddling” used to involve fewer gavels and more Glocks, so this is a positive development. [OC Weekly]

    * Do you have strong feelings about FRCP 56(d)? You should. An excellent practice tip. [What About Clients?]

    * Tonight is the Family Violence Appellate Project’s annual Battle of the Lawyer Bands. If you want to see bands from Google, O’Melveny, Latham, Jones Day, Lieff Cabraser, and Kirkland & Ellis — and help a good cause — then you’d best be in San Francisco and head over to 1015 Folsom. Buy tickets at the link. [Family Violence Appellate Project]

    * You know who aren’t “Beliebers”? The Fourth Circuit. They swatted down Bieber and musical enabler Usher defending themselves against another artist’s copyright claim. Read the full opinion on the next page. [Fourth Circuit]

    9 Comments / / Jun 18, 2015 at 5:02 PM
  • Email in Inbox

    Biglaw, Technology

    Which Biglaw Firm Has Blocked Personal Email?

    Which firm is banning personal email at work? Hint: it’s a bit of a trick question.

    52 Comments / / Jun 4, 2015 at 1:31 PM
  • offer girl happy

    Job Searches, Lateral Moves

    Will Firm Culture Supersede Prestige?

    What role should firm culture play in your lateral move?

    / May 29, 2015 at 4:29 PM
  • money bonus bag

    Biglaw, Money, Partner Issues, Partner Profits, Rankings

    The 2015 Am Law 100: Revenues Rising, Profits Popping, And A New #1 Firm

    Who’s the new top firm by gross revenue, and what obscene new high did Wachtell Lipton profits hit last year?

    16 Comments / / Apr 27, 2015 at 3:53 PM