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Bloomberg Law: Unlimited Docket Searches and Alerts. Request your demo today and see first-hand how the integrated dockets solution on Bloomberg Law gives you the flexibility to do more with unrestricted, unlimited dockets searches and alerts. The intuitive and easy-to-use Dockets search allows you to pinpoint Dockets you need by Keyword, Court, Judge, Date Range and much more. Get content in context with access to underlying documents — such as complaints, briefs, and orders. With unlimited search and alerts using your specific search criteria, Bloomberg Law Dockets℠ makes it cost effective to include dockets in your regular research process.

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  • Create search alerts and track individual dockets.
  • Browse underlying documents from complaint to judgment.

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Welcome to Mobile, Virtual Practice

If you are considering a virtual law practice, you know that many of today’s solo firms started that way.  But why are established, multi-attorney law firms going virtual?

Many small firms are successfully moving part—or even all—of their practice to a virtual setting. This even includes multi-jurisdictional practice spanning several states and practice areas, although solo and small partnerships are still the largest adopters of virtual law.

Can you do the same?  The new article Mobile in Practice, Virtual by Design from author Jared Correia, Esq., explores how mobile technology bring real-life benefits to a small law firm.  Read this new article—the next in Thomson Reuters’ Independent Thinking series for small firms—to explore how a mobile practice:

  • Reduces malpractice risk
  • Enables you to gather the best attorneys to fit the firm, regardless of each person’s geographic location
  • Leverages mobile devices and cloud technology to enable on-the-spot client and prospect communication

Download your free PDF copy of Mobile in Practice, Virtual by Design to learn more about best practices for operating a partial or fully virtual practice.

Ed. note: The Asia Chronicles column is authored by Kinney Recruiting. Kinney has made more placements of U.S. associates, counsels and partners in Asia than any other recruiting firm in each of the past seven years. You can reach them by email: asia@kinneyrecruiting.com.

Please note that Robert Kinney is in New York today and tomorrow and available for meetings. Please reach out at Robert@kinneyrecruiting.com or asia@kinneyrecruiting.com if you would like to meet with him to discuss the Asia or Texas markets.

Later this month, from August 20 to 31 Robert and Evan Jowers will be working from Kinney’s Hong Kong offices and available for meetings.

In September, Evan Jowers will be back in Hong Kong and also in London.  Yuliya Vinokurova will be working from our Hong Kong offices for part of August and  September as well.

The Asia lateral hiring markets remain in fairly good condition.  Things usually slow down dramatically in July and August, due to it being the traditional two week vacation time of year, but things are busier than usual.  Hiring and interviewing  continues to take place, but typically some hirings get put on hold until September at this time of year.

There are M&A openings, especially, at top US firms in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai – such a good selection of spots that you should speak to our Evan Jowers about each firm, particular office and particular hiring partner, before deciding which to target. Those top tier firms with M&A openings in HK / China are being very selective, but those qualified can also be selective in which firms to target – as each opening, while similar on the surface, is completely different with respect to the personality of the particular team, the type of M&A work, the client list, deal sheet, career advancement expectations within that firm, level of responsibility planned for new hire, the precedent for past associates in group to land great in-house or partner track positions in region or lateral back to US, and how established that practice and that hiring partner are in China or in Asia in general.

Evan Jowers and Robert Kinney placed some of these M&A hiring partners at their current firms and just about all of them Robert, Evan and Yuliya have known very well for years.

Targeting these openings without being very well informed about them , without an hour or more discussion with your recruiter / agent about each opportunity – the pluses and minuses of joining each team, working for each hiring partner – is a disservice to yourself and your career.  It’s flying blind sort of speak, and intentionally doing so.

There may be more cap markets openings by October, if the market comes back strong in September, as we expect, after vacation season.  Earlier this year, the IPO market was very hot in Hong Kong but only a handful of top tier US firms were hiring US cap markets associates, and others were not.  That market is spotty now for all but the very top tier US cap markets practices in HK / China – things have been red hot for those groups since late ’13, both with New York and Hong Kong listings, as well as other cap markets work. Outside of that very top tier, there are very solid US cap markets practices in HK / China that are struggling to stay consistently very busy and also getting work without substantial discounts.

Southeast Asia cap markets work outside of Hong Kong (which was pretty hot in ’12 and ’13) has been slower this year but is picking up after a very slow early part of ’14.  Philippines continues to be hot, for example. Another example is India showing signs of perhaps picking up after being down for some years. Openings for this type of work can be in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Things continue to be red hot in FCPA / White Collar but there are only so many of these groups already established on the ground in Hong Kong / China.  Finance hiring for US associates at top tier US firms in Asia is not a frequent occurrence, but it happens here and there, similar to arbitration / disputes (in Singpaore especially) hiring of US associates. Hiring for antitrust US associates has been picking up recently in China, but is still small in number.

As always, feel free to reach out to asia@kinneyrecruiting.com to set up a phone call with the head of our Asia team, Evan Jowers, Robert Kinney or one of our other Asia team members.

Betterment EventTransitioning in-house is something many (if not most) firm lawyers find themselves considering at some point. For many, it’s the first step in their career that isn’t simply a function of picking the best option available based on a ranking system.

Unknown territory feels high-risk, and can have the effect of steering many of us towards the well-greased channels into large, established companies.

For those who may be open to something more entrepreneurial, there is far less information available. No recruiter is calling every week with offers and details.

In sponsorship with Betterment, ATL and David Lat will moderate a panel about life in-house and we’ll hear from GCs at Birchbox, Gawker Media, Squarespace, Bonobos, and Betterment. Drinks, snacks, networking, and a great time guaranteed. Invite your colleagues, but RSVP fast, as space is limited.

Details and panelists after the jump…

double red triangle arrows Continue reading “Innovative Lawyers: You’re Invited To A Night With NYC’s Premier Start-up GCs”

Ed. note: The Asia Chronicles column is authored by Kinney Recruiting. Kinney has made more placements of U.S. associates, counsels and partners in Asia than any other recruiting firm in each of the past seven years. You can reach them by email: asia@kinneyrecruiting.com.

It’s that time of year again when JDs are starting to apply for 2L summer jobs and 2L summers are deciding which practice area to focus on.

For those JDs with an interest in potentially lateraling to or transferring to Asia in the future, please feel free to reach out to Kinney for advice on firm choices, interviewing and practice choices, relating to future marketability in Asia, or for a general discussion on your particular Asia markets of interest. This is of course a free of cost service for those who some years in the future may be our future industry contacts or perhaps even clients.

For some years now Kinney’s Asia head, Evan Jowers, has been formally advising Harvard Law students with such questions, as the Asia expert in Harvard Law’s “Ask The Experts Market Program” each summer and fall, with podcasts and scheduled phone calls.  This has been an enjoyable and productive experience for all involved.

Evan and the rest of our Asia team – Robert Kinney, Yuliya Vinokurova, Andrew Lin, Jack Hopper and Danielle Cyr  – are of course happy to advise law students from other JD programs as well.

To set up a phone call with Evan or one of our other Asia team members, please email Evan Jowers at evan@kinneyrecruiting.com or asia@kinneyrecruiting.com.

The choices a JD makes during their IL and 2L summers and 2L falls can have an enormous affect on their future marketability in Asia, should they be interested in such a move.

The Legal Life is Not for the Weak


Whether you’re fresh off the bar exam or hitting your stride after hanging a shingle a few years ago, one thing’s for certain: independent attorneys who start a solo or small-law practice live with a certain amount of stress.

Non-attorneys would think the stress comes from preparing for a big trial, deposing a hostile witness, or crafting the perfect contract for a picky client.

But that’s nothing compared to the constant, nagging, real-life kind, the kind you get from the day-to-day grind of being a law-abiding attorney.

Specifically, stress from:

  • Not answering client calls because you don’t have time right now to research their case and give them updates.
  • Failing to back up your hard drive that has everything (literally everything) on it, just after you see the “blue screen of death.”
  • Uncertainty over whether or not your new client is really, for sure, unconnected to any of your other clients.
  • The potential that your court date was moved and you forgot to record it.
  • Lagging on invoicing clients because you’re not 100% sure you’ve logged their billables properly.

Finally: An Easy Way to Take Charge of Your Law Practice

These and other reasons explain why LexisNexis Firm Manager practice management software is a much-needed antidote to your constant lawyerly pressures.

Web-based, secure, and rebuilt from the ground up especially for—and with input from—independent attorneys, it sweats the small stuff so you don’t have to, with time- and sanity-saving features that give you:

  • Your law practice, online
  • Better calendar control
  • Enhanced time & expense capture
  • Secure document sharing
  • Better-captured billables
  • Easier invoicing
  • Free setup and 24/7 support

Try it Free for 30 Days and Get a Free “Survival Guide”

Above the Law readers can sign up for a free 30-day trial and get a free “Survival Guide for the Independent Attorney,” featuring tips and insights from solo and small-firm attorneys who’ve built thriving practices.

So, unless you enjoy long sleepless nights and spending more time at the office than you need to, sign up now for a free 30-day trial!

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Don’t rely on luck to bill your clients.

Don’t rely on luck to bill your clients.

Have you ever put on an old jacket and found a few bucks in the pocket?
Feels pretty lucky!

Now imagine getting that on a grander scale, every day, at your law practice.
The new LexisNexis® Money Finder feature in LexisNexis Firm Manager® makes it happen.

This slick technology automatically searches your tasks, meetings, documents and more, flagging those that haven’t been associated with a client bill for review.

Instead of losing nearly 40% of your billables like most attorneys, you’ll earn what you should, with no extra work.

That’s not luck—that’s smart lawyering.

Start reclaiming your lost billables now with a free 30-day trial!

184 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT 06901

Connecticut plaintiffs-side boutique litigation firm (12 lawyers) seeks full-time associate with 2-4 years litigation experience, top tier undergraduate and law school education. Journal or clerkship experience a plus; highest ethical standards and strong work ethic required. Familiarity with Connecticut state court legal practice is preferred, but not required.

The firm handles sophisticated, high-end cases for plaintiffs, including individuals and businesses with significant claims in a wide array of matters. Our cases often have important public policy implications, and are litigated in state and federal courts throughout Connecticut. Representative areas of practice include medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, business torts, deceptive trade practices and other complex commercial litigation, and products liability.

Additional information can be located on our website, at www.sgtlaw.com.

To apply, send cover letter, resume, and law school transcript to recruiting@sgtlaw.com.


We have several openings for experienced corporate associates in Chicago ranging from highly-regarded Am Law 100 law firms to prestigious commercial law boutiques.

• Class years 2008 – 2013
• Experience with Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities, Corporate Finance, Debt, Capital Markets, Private Equity, Corporate Governance, Investment Services, Private Funds and/or General Corporate Transactional matters.
• Excellent academic credentials and solid legal training from a peer law firm required.

Top benefits, interesting work, collegial work environments and strong hands-on experience all in one of the best cities in America!

Click here for more information.

Ed. note: The Asia Chronicles column is authored by Kinney Recruiting. Kinney has made more placements of U.S. associates, counsels and partners in Asia than any other recruiting firm in each of the past seven years. You can reach them by email: asia@kinneyrecruiting.com.

The head of our Asia recruiting, Evan Jowers will be in Seoul all next week and available for meetings. Evan was in Hong Kong all last week and was unable to meet with everyone who reached out, due to a completely booked schedule. Apologies for that. He is in Hong Kong monthly and Robert Kinney and Yuliya Vinokurova are often in Hong Kong as well, so feel free to reach out to us at asia@kinneyrecruiting.com to schedule a Hong Kong meeting for later this month or next month, or just a phone call if you prefer.

Kinney has had the privilege of representing and placing a number of Korean background US associates and counsels and one partner in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore over the years. We are now getting more involved in the expanding Seoul market. We are helping two of our law firm clients open up offices in Korea at present and that will be taking up some of Evan’s time, but he will have time also to meet with US, UK and Australia trained associates at international firms and Korean firms who would like to meet Evan or re-establish a connection with him. By all means any of the attorneys in Korea who we have worked with and placed in the past should also feel free to reach out to Evan as well at evan@kinneyrecruiting.com. Having any reason to look for a move in the foreseeable future is never a pre-requisite to setting up a meeting with any of our Kinney Asia team. Most of the folks we meet and establish relations with over the years in Asia are not interested in considering a move at our first meeting (or the next several meetings). We always enjoy a good discussion on the market and an individual’s career plans. Ultimately, over 50% of those attorneys we place in Asia have had such discussions with us for 2 or more years prior. Some of our closest relationships in Asia we may never place because they are doing so well at their firm for years and have no reason to move, and that’s fine by us.

We do have a limited amount of Korean background US associate openings in Seoul in project finance, asset finance, M&A and cap markets. It is not a very hot market for lateral hiring at present, but things are picking up when compared to the past two years. We think that the lateral hiring market in Korea will be stronger in ’15 and ’16, conditioned upon market conditions of course, as the dust settles on all these new offices having opened in Korea recently. Most of the US firms in Korea are small offices of perhaps one partner and one associate and will stay small, as they are there to connect their firm’s litigation or other practices back in the US with important potential or actual large Korean clients. The smartphone wars have become extremely lucrative for some US firm’s litigation practices. There are other firms though, some that were among the first US or UK firms to open in Korea, and some which more recently opened or are still working out plans to open, that are true Korean corporate, cap markets, project finance and / or finance practices. In the coming years these larger Korea transactional practice groups (and now or soon to be Seoul offices) will hire from time to time, just as some of the well established Korea practices hired in Hong Kong over the years (before they moved to Seoul).

As always, feel free to reach out to Kinney Recruiting at asia@kinneyrecruiting.com if you have any questions regarding the Asia markets.

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