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* Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, sang throughout his entire court proceeding yesterday. I guess he was practicing the jailhouse rock, because he got a double life sentence. [Wall Street Journal]

* Sam Logan, I bet your dad wishes that he was still on the Tenth Circuit so he could benchslap the s**t out of you for trying to seduce a 14-year-old. [Kansas City Star]

* “Before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I am discriminating against you.” No wonder Apple products didn’t make the list of stuff black people like. [Apple Insider]

* An almost-Cooley grad faked it for over four years as an attorney. He must have one hell of an “O” face. [Chillicothe Gazette]

* Not only is Arianna Huffington accused of being a slave driver, but now she’s allegedly an idea thief too. This is a little bit too inception-y for me. [ABC News]

* Cyclists in New York City are being ticketed for imaginary offenses, and two law firms are taking up the cause. Looks like the NYPD took the training wheels off a little bit too soon. [Gothamist]

The high priestess of liberal blogging: Arianna Huffington.

The gorgeous and glamorous Arianna Huffington, reigning empress of the liberal blogosphere, has been sued by some of her not-so-loyal subjects.

This morning, a group of unpaid bloggers for the Huffington Post, led by union organizer and journalist Jonathan Tasini, filed a class-action lawsuit against the HuffPo; its foundress, La Arianna; and media giant AOL, which bought HuffPo back in February. The gist of the lawsuit, as Tasini told Jeff Bercovici of Forbes, is that the site’s unpaid writers “must share in the value they create” — $315 million worth of value, based on what AOL paid for the Huffington Post.

As a writer myself, I’m all in favor of writers being paid for what they do. But the lawsuit against HuffPo strikes me as a bit dubious….

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