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    Non-Sequiturs: 09.03.15

    harris faulkner* Who could be mad at this cute little hamster? Oh, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner for whom the toy was named… without her consent. [Jezebel]

    * You like song parodies. So checkout these law-based ones that are “funny to lawyers who have had three drinks after the dessert course.” Bonus: it also raises money for Legal Aid. [Connecticut Law Tribune]

    * Handy guide to law schools that offer the biggest tuition discounts. [Tax Prof Blog]

    * Fun way to end Throwback Thursday: scroll through the wills and probate records for historical figures like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Eli Whitney, and Daniel Webster. [Pictorial]

    * Interested in a private legal networking site? Not so fast, you’ll be banned if you write about it. [Law Sites]

    * Ugh, this Kentucky clerk/Kim Davis debacle is still going on, now with 100% more jail time. [New York Times]

    * Tips on how to get over that awkward hurdle and actually talk to a colleague who recently lost their job. [Law and More]

    * What traits make for good lawyers? [It’s Not About The Lawyers, Teacup]

    * We’ve told you before about Covington partner Mark Mosier’s son, Michael, who passed away at age 6 from DIPG, a rare brain tumor. Now Eric Holder has recorded a video to raise awareness of the disease. [Defeat DIPG]

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    A Mass. Lawyer You Don’t Want to Work For and a Law Student You Don’t Want to Hire

    UPDATE (May 30): Law student responds via YouTube, and shows off his very impressive office. A law student in Massachusetts is looking for a job. He found a listing on Craigslist to work as a paralegal for a bankruptcy attorney. He applied, got an interview, and got an offer (kind of). But then he got […]

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    Psyching Yourself Up For Final Exams
    A University of Oklahoma 2L Knows How To Motivate

    I am a lawyer, not a lobbyist. Goldman Sachs has hired me as a lawyer — to provide legal advice and to assist in its legal representation — and that is what I am doing. — Greg Craig, former White House Counsel and now a partner at Skadden, explaining why he is not bound by […]

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    An Exorcism at Bryan Cave?

    Last month, Midwestern firm Polsinelli Shughart raided Bryan Cave. Approximately 22 attorneys from Bryan Cave’s Phoenix, D.C., and Chicago offices spread their wings and flew over to Polsinelli. The Phoenix flock was the largest, consisting of 12 partners and associates. When a big group of attorneys leave, it sometimes spooks those left behind. We hear […]

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    Partners of the Day: Linda Smith and Chuck Diamond

    While it may be tempting to date — and even marry — a law firm colleague, it can create some awkward situations. Like having someone walk into your office when you’re busy billing coital time. Or like going through a horrific break-up while working together on a huge matter. The latter was the case for […]

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