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    Tulane Students Speak Out About 1L Ex-Con Bruce Reilly

    Last week, when we first wrote about Bruce Reilly — the Tulane 1L who committed a murder nearly 20 years ago — we noted that when he outed himself on his website, he posted a t-shirt that read, “F**k Google, ask me.” It appears that many Tulane Law students did just that. We’ve already heard from the Tulane students who don’t know Bruce. We’ve heard their concerns and opinions. Now let’s hear from some of Bruce Reilly’s new friends on campus….

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    Law & Murder: Tulane Law School Follow-Up and Poll

    From what we hear, it’s been a wild couple of days at Tulane Law School since we outed the convicted murderer in their midst. Well, we didn’t out him. Bruce Reilly outed himself on his blog (that he has since taken down). But being profiled on Above the Law can sometimes stir up the pot. Our Tulane readers have been asking to know more about the actual murder Reilly served time for. We’ve dug up some of the old reports….

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    New Tulane 1L Is An Advocate, A Writer, And A Murderer

    You have probably never heard of Charles Russell, but he was a professor who was murdered in 1992. His attacker served 12 years in prison and admits his guilt. The man who killed Professor Russell is named Bruce Reilly. And after a lot of work, he was accepted into the Tulane Law School for the class of 2014. Does that sound like an amazing success story about a guy who has turned his life around? Well, you haven’t heard Tulane Law students tell it….

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