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  • Howrey LLP, Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 12.13.10

    * Bad news for Howrey: Gary Bendinger, co-chair of litigation, is leaving for Sidley Austin, along with two other litigation partners, Gregory Ballard and Kevin Burke. [Am Law Daily] * Richard Epstein and Megan McArdle on today’s judicial smackdown of Obamacare. [Instapundit] * Quipped our tipster: “Three cheers to annoying psychology undergrads getting mugged in […]

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  • Crime, Education / Schools, Family Law, Sex, Sex Scandals

    Columbia Poli Sci Professor Accused of Diddling His Daughter

    We know that part of the appeal of Ivy League schools is the incestuous nature of the high-end job market. People like to hire their own, and if successful Ivy League graduates prefer to work with or mentor fellow Ivy League alums, then the whole Ivy system becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. See, it’s fun to […]

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